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When you are trying to verify meta verified subscription on Instagram and you are unable to verify meta verification and it says meta verification not available on Instagram then this is likely due to location based issue or if your Instagram does not reach or meet eligibility criteria for meta verification and how to get meta verified on Instagram and you need to change your Instagram account to creator and get your instagram profile meta verified. So, lets see in detail below.

fix Meta Verification Not Available on Instagram

Meta Verification Not Available on Instagram

Below methods will help you resolve meta verification not available on instagram.

Step 1: Open instagram and tap on profile icon on bottom menu

Step 2: Tap on 3 lines (hamburger menu) on the top left side of screen.

Step 3: Tap on Settings -> Tap on Account

Step 4: Now, scroll down and tap on Request Verification and fill the form with your details correctly.

Step 5: Before filling form and request verification, you need to convert your instagram account to creator account and then apply and fill the Meta verification form.

Step 6: If you are eligible then you will be able to verify meta verification on instagram and it also depends on location as well where meta verification is supported.

That;s it, once you fill the form correctly and then request verification on instagram then you will be able to verify meta on instagram.

Update Instagram to Latest Version

If you are having trouble with meta verification, then you need to update instagram to the latest version and go to account settings and request verification and fill the form accurately and read the form properly before filling the form and requesting meta verification.

Change your Instagram Profile to Instagram Creator

You need to change your instagram profile to instagram creator and then apply for meta verification and fill the form.

Is Meta verified offered to everyone?

Yes! Only instagram creators who are eligible can apply and apply for meta verification on instagram and make sure you have updated your instagram and facebook to the latest version.

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