How to Fix Samsung Phone Speaker Not Working During Call

How to Fix Samsung Phone Speaker Not Working During Call

  • To fix Samsung phone speakers not working during call or can’t hear until you turn on speakers -> First you need to force restart your Samsung mobile and check.
  • clean the dirt or sweat stuck inside earphone speakers and increase volume and turn off mono sounds and Check for hardware issue on samsung phone.
  • Reset all settings of samsung galaxy phone and restore all settings to default.

On your samsung phone if your speakers are not working during call when you tap on speakers then you can easily fix this issue and if there is no sound coming from samsung phone speaker then you need to restart your samsung phone and check and other methods. So, let’s see in detail below.

Many users experience this issue of Samsung speakers not working during call or it can be Samsung S8 can’t hear the caller unless on speaker or you can barely hear sound of other person when you turn on speaker on Samsung Galaxy Phone issue.

Samsung Phone Speaker Not Working During Call

Below Samsung troubleshooting methods will help you fix ear speakers not working on samsung phones.

Check Hardware Issues

Step 1: Open Phone dialer on samsung phone

Step 2: Dial *#7353# and you will get 12 different settings options here on your samsung mobile

Step 3: Now, tap on Melody option

Step 4: If you are hearing sound when you tap on melody then this means that there is nothing wrong with your ear speaker.

Step 5: If you are having problem with speakers then you need to tap on speaker and then you are getting no audio then this means that you are having hardware issues on your samsung mobile.

If you are having hardware issues and sound not coming or speakers not working on Samsung phone then contact the Samsung support and solve this issue.

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Clean Ear Speakers

You need to clear your ear speaker and clear dust particles inside speakers or sweat or makeup or anything else filled inside ear speaker and clean ear speakers and blow some air inside ear speaker and get rid of dirt or anything stuck anything inside samsung phone ear speakers.

Increase Volume on Samsung Mobile

Step 1: Open settings

Step 2: Tap on Sounds and Vibration

Step 3: Tap on sound mode and select sound option here

Step 4: Now, tap on volume and turn up volume for all options here like ringtone, media, notifications and system and drag the slider to maximum.

That;s it, once you increase volume on samsung mobile then go ahead and check.

Turn off Mono Audio

Step 1: Open up settings on samsung mobile

Step 2: Tap on Accessibility

Step 3: Tap on hearing.

Step 4: Turn on mono audio by toggling the button next to iti.

Step 5: Also under balance section you need to drag the slider to the middle to hear volume from left and right speakers.

Once you turn off mono audio and balance then your issue will e 

Reset All Settings

Step 1: Open Settings on Samsung Mobile

Step 2: Scroll down and tap on General Management

Step 3: Tap on Reset -> Tap on Reset All settings

Step 4: Tap on Reset Settings and confirm reset settings on samsung mobile and wait for your samsung phone to complete the reset process.

Once you reset all settings on samsung mobile then all settings will be resorted back to its original default settings and issue will be

Why Samsung Phone speaker not working during call

This can be due to technical or software glitches or hardware issues as well and if there is any dust or sweat stuck inside your samsung galaxy ear speaker then this issue can happen and always update your samsung phone to the latest version.

Samsung A20s Ear speaker not working 

Increase volume and clean dirt inside speakers and if speakers are having any hardware issues then smauns A20 ear speaker will not work and you need to repair your samsung ear speaker.


Samsung S8 can’t hear caller unless on speaker

Restart your samsung s8 and increase the volume of samsung mobile and due to low volume you can’t hear sound until you turn on speakers on call on samsung S8 or any mobile.

How do you know if your phone speaker is damaged?

Dial *#7353# and access diagnostic settings and tap on speaker and you will hear sound if speakers are working fine and if you don’t hear sound then your speakers are damaged.