Why Doesn’t My LG TV Have Airplay


Apple has introduced AirPlay 2 supports on LG Smart tv for selected models only which are released in or before 2018 and there are only few models of lg smart tv that support AirPlay 2 with LG Smart tv and if you are having older version of lg smart tv then you can try updating your lg smart tv to latest webOS which can get AirPlay 2 Support to connect iPhone or iPad or Mac or any apple device to lg smart tv.

Why Doesn't My LG TV Have Airplay
Why Doesn’t My LG TV Have Airplay

AirPlay 2 Support with LG Smart tv

LG Smart tv runs on WebOS and Appel started supporting and expanding AirPlay Support starting with AirPlay 2 and if your lg tv supports Apple AirPlay 2 kit then you can easily connect your iPhone to lg smart tv using Apple AirPlay and HomeKit and connect any apple device and share screen on your LG Smart tv using AirPlay.

This is an excellent step and support to lg smart tv with Apple AirPlay 2 support which is most useful and excellent feature and great beneficial feature for Apple users who wish to connect their iPhone or iPad with LG Smart tv and share screen across and play media on lg tv using AirPlay 2 support.

How to Airplay From iPhone to LG TV

You can AirPlay from IPhone to LG tv by enabling AirPlay on LG Smart tv and iPhone.

Step 1: Scroll from top to bottom on the right side of your iPhone screen.

Step 2: Simply access control center on iPhone.

Step 3: Tap on screen mirroring and select your LG Tv and it will prompt you to enter 4 digit code which appears on your lg tv.

Step 4: Once you enter the 4 digit code then your iphone will start screen mirroring on LG Smart tv.

That’s it, this is how you AirPlay from iPhone to LG Smart tv.

Why does my LG TV not have AirPlay?

Due to compatibility issues your lg smart tv doesnt have AirPlay on your tv and you can use third party apps which have a capability of screen mirroring iPhone to LG Smart tv and use screen mirroring apps for iPhone to lg smart tv.

 Do all LG TVs have AirPlay?

No! All LG tv doesn’t have AirPlay 2 and only lg smart tv related after 2017 models will have AirPlay 2 and Homekit support built in. 

Why is AirPlay not showing on my LG TV?

If your LG Smart tv is not compatible with AirPlay support then it will show AirPlay and you can see AirPlay 2 options on only on or after 2018 released model of LG Smart tv only will have AirPlay 2 support.

Which Version of WebOS Supports Apple AirPlay 2

LG Smart tv have WebOS and lg smart tv with WebOS 4 or later versions will have AirPlay 2 Support and will be able to connect iPhone to lg tv using AirPlay 2 and homekit support.

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