Does Airplane Mode Save Battery?

If you want to save battery on your iphone you need to adjust brightness on your iPhone and turn off wifi and don’t use heavy apps on iPhone for long time and disable background applications which are running on your iphone will save battery life on your iPhone and have you ever wondered that when you turn off airplane mode does it save iphone battery? Yes! It Does save battery and it helps your iPhone many ways if you keep it in airplane mode. So, let’s see in detail below.

Airplane Mode Save Battery?

What Happens When You Turn On  Airplane Mode?

When you turn on Airplane mode it stops consuming more battery and disconnects all wifi connection networks that you have connected to and you will not be able to receive any messages or calls in Airplane mode and saves battery and it also prevents radiation as well on iPhone.

Does Airplane Mode Save Battery

Yes! When you keep your iPhone in Airplane mode then it prevents from using wifi and getting any calls on your iPhone and it will consume less power when iPhone is in Airplane mode and it also stops radiation and prevents the iPhone from using any wifi network connection and saves battery.

How Long Does Airplane Mode Saves Battery

It depends on how long you turn on airplane mode again, after turning on airplane mode, the iPhone gets into power saving and disconnects all connections like wifi, messages, networks.

Does Turning on Airplane Mode and Airplane Mode on Fix any WIFI Network or Connection Issues

Yes! When you turn on and wait for few seconds and turn off airplane mode then your issue 

Does Airplane Mode Charge the Battery?

Yes! By turning on airplane mode and keeping your iPhone charging will make your iPhone charge faster and iphone charges rapidly because when you turn on airplane mode then it prevents apps running in background and stops receiving calls, messages, wifi networks and other usage and charge your iPhone faster.

Does Airplane Mode Conserve Battery

After turning on Airplane mode your mobile iPhone or android or tablet or apple watch it protects it from using more power usage and make less usage of power and saves battery.

Does Airplane Mode Damage Your battery?

No! it doesn’t! But it helps your iPhone consume battery power and it doesn’t affect or damage your iPhone, it only prevents calls, messages, WIFI. 

Is it OK to turn on airplane mode every night?

Yes! You can turn it off and it doesn’t damage mobile And its completely safe and it only helps in reducing usage of battery and cuts off all wifi, mobile, cellular, and your phone will be using less power in Airplane mode.

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