Simple and Useful Curl Command Post and cURLGet Requests

Useful and simple Curl command:

Curl commands are very important and it provides more power and usefull information by typing simple command lines in terminal or shell, now lets see how to use the curl command and most useful curl commands allows us to query URLs from the command line, here not only we can make regular request and also we can post form data and download a zip file using the curl commands and do many things in simple and easy way and authenticate users and save responses of files on our local systems and machines by using curl commands and many other useful stuff by testing rest api with useful linux curl commands and get curl get examples and post examples and curl can also be performed by curl putty as well and get data –d as well and with php curl https and http header requests.

What is cURL:?

cURl is nothing but a clinet url which allows to send and get data with a wide range of common internet protocols and gets request using cURL commands and used in various different ways. cURL is also acts as a tool which transfers data from server and to server via http, https, FTP and etc.

Useful CURL Commands:

Here is the simple curl command -> Open your terminal and just type in below:

curl and goahead and run this you will get the response of simple curl command will get back in with the curl command line is all of the HTML and scripts and everything that generally renders by browsers in other words it loads view source file completely with simple curl command : curl all of that in text format in command line with lot of text with work with this simple curl command.

Check Http Header Request by simple cURL Command:

If you want to check with the response header request of a website using simple curl command, you can do that by simply typing in the terminal curl –I

This simple and useful curl command gives you the header request and the response code of a website url which you include in curl command line and also tells you the content type, content length, server and date.

With simple curl commands we can download the data as well by typing the curl commands and post requests and get method requests.

Saving Output of cURL command:

In the first simple command we have seen how to use curl command in terminal and display and fetch data in terminal by using simple cURL commnd – curl and to save the output of the command in computer you need to add few morelines of command to the above command.

Curl –o save the output of the curl command with name savefilename if we type curl command like this:

curl –o savedfilename here the outputwill be saved as savedfilename to your computer.

>Here is the cURL post command for http header response curl –o

Download files using Simple cURL command:

By using simple and useful curl commands like this you can easily download the files in zip format by directly typing this command in terminal and save to the localserver :

Curl –O

cURL above curl command downloads the zip file and the option –O tells to save the file on your local machine and by using this simple curl command you can easily download multiple files aswell at a time, download ftp files as well.

These are the simple ways to perform curl commands, there are many ways you can perform curl commands for https requests as with many curl commands and perform http request with curl commands easily and curl CACERT example and also curl post and get requests using simple curl commands.

Curl Insecure URL Accessing :

We can also perform curl insecure url and perform insecure url requests by ignoring https SSL connections and by using curl –k all the secure url will be considered as insecure in curl command.

Curl Command for Max Time Seconds –M:

Curl command –m seconds – this simple curl command will give commands used to display max time seconds.