How to Fix Nintendo Switch Not Charging

You might be in a situation where your Nintendo switch was not turning on and you know it was dead and you start freaking out and then when it eventually turned on the screen was on but it had a small little charging icon up there but it still wasn’t turning on and it’s not even charging. All you really need to do is just remove the joy console from your Nintendo switch and then from there your switch is probably gonna be turned off.  All you really need to do is

How to fix Nintendo Switch Not Charging 

Step 1:  Just plug in your Nintendo switch to the USB type-c port, don’t plug in the joy console yet you want to keep them separated and just have the actual tablet you want that charge. The joy consoles they’ll be fine  even if they don’t charge. 

Step 2: After an hour or so you will probably be able to get into the actual console. So you’ll be able to turn it on and but you’re most likely you’ll still be at like 1% or 2%. So what I recommend you to do is just keep it charged up. I don’t like try to use it while it’s charging because it’s just gonna end up dying again.

Check AC Adaptor

Now Go ahead and unplug ac adaptor from both ends and disconnect them and leave them up to 60 seconds and plug back ac adaptor again and see if resetting ac adapter fix the issue of nintendo switch not charging.

Check for faulty Cables

If there are faulty cables or damaged cables cut off at one end or damaged then nintendo switch will not charge, so make sure you check your cables are working fine or just go ahead and replace the cable with other cables and see nintendo switch is charging if it is not charging then the problem is not with the cable.

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Perform Hard Reset

To perform a hard reset you need to press and hold power button for 10 seconds and follow on screen instructions to hard reset nintendo switch.

I really don’t know why this keeps happening but  this is a way to fix it. It doesn’t require you to open up anything, your battery isn’t dead  and your console is still in working condition as long as the screen turns on and you’re getting that little battery indication right there but there might be cases where you know maybe your screen isn’t fully turning on and your console isn’t

even turning on at all and just by removing the Joys cons you’re able to just charge the console itself without having the console charge your android cons at the same time.

So it’s a super easy fix I know a lot of people can probably benefit from this

Lakshmi Durga
Lakshmi Durga
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