How To Record One Hour Gameplay on Xbox Series X

  • On your xbox series x you can easily record live streaming games for more than 10 minutes or 30 minutes or you can record one hour gameplay and you need to setup your hard drive and setup the capture resolution and record one hour gameplay on xbox.

Every gamer loves to record the game and what you need to do to record an hour of gameplay footage on your xbox series X and also you can record 30 minutes on xbox one and record while streaming xbox one and record longer than 10 minutes. For this feature to work you will need to have a portable hard drive that is USB 3.0 or faster and must have a rated storage capacity of at least 128 gigabytes. This hard drive should also be formatted as NTFS storage which you can do from your computer. If this hard drive is formatted for xbox games and apps then this can’t be used  as a capture location. You will need to format this to NTFS before you can use it . Before proceeding with the guide we would appreciate it if you hit that like button. 

Record one Hour Gameplay on Xbox Series X

Step 1 :- Preparing The Hard Drive 

The first thing you need to do is to connect the hard drive to your computer then format it as NTFS. Right click on the hard drive you can do this from file explorer click format this will open the format menu. Change the file system to NTFS this will format the drive to NTFS. Add a volume label this is the name you will assign to the hard drive. Make sure there is a check mark in quick format. This will make the format process go faster. Click start and this will start the format process.

Step 2 :- Settings Up The Hard Drive As A 

Capture Location On Your Xbox Series X

Once the external storage space is ready you can connect it to the USB port of your xbox series X you will get a notification of media storage ready on the screen to save your hour-long captures on this drive here’s what you need to do. Press the xbox button on your controller. Open settings, open system, open storage devices select the drive then set is as capture location. 

Step 3 :- Setting Up The Capture Resolution On Your Xbox Series X 

You can choose what resolution the gameplay footage will be recorded. The best quality you can use is 4k. There is also 1080p while the lowest quality you can use is 720p. Press the xbox button on your controller open settings open Preferences open capture and share adjust the setting for game clip resolution. The next time you record your gameplay footage the chosen resolution will be used.

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Step 4 :- Record Your One Hour Gameplay Clip 

Doing an hour-long record of your gameplay requires a different procedure than just simply pressing on the dedicated share button on your controller. Here’s how you do it. Open the xbox series X game you want to play. Press the xbox button on your controller Navigate to the capture and share tab. Choose the start recording option the xbox will now start recording your gameplay for up to an hour.

Step 5 :- Stop The Recording 

Stop the recording of your one hour game clip on the xbox series X. If you would like the console to stop the recording before it reaches the hour mark then here’s what you need to do. Press the xbox button on your controller while the xbox series X game is being recorded and navigate to the capture and share tab. Choose the stop recording option.

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