How to Fix Fitbit Inspire 2 Not Charging

  • To fix fitbit inspire 2 not charging you need to make sure that the charging ports and charging cables are not faulty and working properly and clean charging ports on back of your fitbit inspire and charging ports with soft cloth.
  • Restart your fitbit inspire and changing charging port and charging cable and leaving fitbit 2 inspire for charging overnight might help your fitbit inspire 2 charge.

If you are having fitbit inspire 2 and having charging issues like Fitbit Inspire 2 Not Charging when connected or fitbit inspire stopped charging when connecting or charging then you can fix this issue easily and charge fitbit inspire 2 and you can charge fitbit inspire without charge as well using computer or laptop usb cables as well. So, let’s see in detail below.

How to Fix Fitbit Inspire 2 Not Charging

First thing you need to make sure is when you are charging your Fitbit Inspire 2 to charge adapter is connected properly and avoid loose connection and also check with the charging adaptor as well Sometimes charging adaptor can become faulty.

Fix Fitbit Inspire 2 Not Charging

Below methods will help you charge your fitbit inspire 2 and solve all charging issues on your fitbit inspire.

Restart Your Fitbit Inspire 2

  • Step 1: Grab your fitbit inspire 2 watch and Keep your fitbit inspire 2 charging as normal.
  • Step 2: Now, while fitbit inspire 2 is in charging mode -> Press the side button on your fitbit inspire 2 simultaneously until you see device turns on.
  • Step 3: Once your device turns on then go ahead and release the key and let your fitbit inspire charge.

Most of the time fitbit inspire 2 charging issues or any issue gets fixed by just restarting your fitbit 2 inspire.

Faulty Charging Cable or Adaptor

Check whether the charging cable or charging adapter is not faulty and connect it with different charging cable and adapter and most of the time charging cable or chagrin adapter are faulty and it may be damaged.

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Clean Fitbit Inspire Charging Ports

  • Step 1: Grab a soft cloth and grab your fitbit inspire watch
  • Step 2: Using soft cloth clean the fitbit inspire charging ports on back of your fitbit inspire charging surface
  • Step 3: Also clean the charging ports on watch and on charging adaptor as well.
  • Step 4: Blow some air and clean the charging ports and make sure if any dust particles inside charging ports of fitbit inspire back surface and on charging ports should be cleared. 

Once you clean the charging ports then go ahead and charge your fitbit inspire watch and your fitbit inspire will start charging if the issue is with the dust or sweat stuck inside charging ports of fitbit inspire.

Change Adapter and Charging cable

You need to change the charging adaptor and charging cable and connect with any other different charging cable and port and charge your fitbit inspire 2 watch and see whether its charging or not and if you see  fitbit inspire 2 is charing then you need to replace the charging cable and charging port with new ones and charge your fitbit inspire 2 watch.

Charge Fitbit Inspire Overnight

This methods have worked for few of the fitbit inspire users and they have left fitbit inspire charging for overnight and their issue have been resolved. So, its worth trying if you don’t have any other option while charging your fitbit inspire 2 and gix fitbit inspire not charging issues.

How to Charge fitbit inspire 2 without charger

You can charge your fitbit inspire 2 charging by connecting the usb cable to your laptop or computer using usb cable and charge your fitbit inspire without charger or adapter and can you charge a fitbit with a phone charger.

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