Apple Watch Keeps Rebooting

How to fix Apple Watch Keeps Rebooting ios 14

If your apple watch keeps rebooting itself or its keeps restarting after updating to ios 14 and you can stop restarting your apple watch(boot loop). It can be restarting while you are charging and your apple watch keeps on starting on its own then you can fix this issue by unpairing and pairing your apple watch again and force restart your apple watch and get rid off apple watch keeps restarting itself issue.

Apple Watch Restarting on its Own

Method 1 : Unpair and Repair your Apple Watch

  1. open the watch app onyour iPhone.
  2. Click on “All Watches” under the watch app.
  3. Now click your Apple watch (i) symbol.
  4. Click  “Unpair  Apple watch”.Then Unpair Apple watch again.Now it will ask your Apple ID password.
  5.  Enter your Apple ID password.
  6.  Click “Unpair” at the top right corner of the page after that your Apple watch will now  shutdown and it may take some time to restart and Unpairing.
  7. Once your done “Repair” Your Apple Watch.

Method 2 : Force restart your Apple Watch

  1. press and hold the Digital Crown and Power button at the same time.
  2. Now you’re Apple watch is Shut down and restart.
  3. Release the buttons, when you see the Apple logo.

Why apple watch keeps rebooting itself after ios 14?

This can be due to the software glitch and when you update your appel watch to the latest version you can see this kind of issue on your watch and apple watch keeps restarting it self or shuts down.

How to fix apple watch keeps restarting itself?

Unpair and repair your apple watch and force restart your apple watch to fix apple watch keeps restarting itself.