BGMI High Ping Problem and Reduce Latency


When you are playing BGMI on your mobile and you are getting high latency when playing a BGMI game then you can easily reduce BGMI latency and get rid of this error and you can reduce BGMI server requests by changing game location and by changing dns server location and other solutions here.

If you are getting an error pop up message on BGMI saying “The selected server may have higher ping or matchmaking issues and we suggest selecting another server” or continue anyway error and its a very frustrating issue and you need to reduce latency.

BGMI High Ping Problem 

You need to reduce BGMI latency and avoid high ping problems with BGMI game on mobile.

Step 1: Open BGMI Mobile on your mobile

Step 2: Now, log out of BGMI from and check the box logout of all devices and tap on ok.

Step 3: Now, on BGMI login page -> Click on Repair button

Step 4: Check the box Routine and Repair option and Tap on OK.

Once you Repair your BGMI game then go ahead and login to your BGMI and your issue of BGMI high ping problem will be resolved.

Enable Mobile Data Always Active option in Developer Settings

Step 1: Open Settings and Tap on About

Step 2: Now, tap on build number for 7 times which will enable developer options on your mobile.

Step 3: Now, open developer options on your mobile in your mobile settings.

Step 4: Scroll down and under networking options -> Enable Mobile data always active option by toggling the button next to it.

Once you enable this option, then the network ping issue and high BGMI ping problem will be fixed and network pings will be reduced and BGMI game latency will reduce.

Change Network Settings

Step 1: Open settings on mobile

Step 2: Open Network and internet option.

Step 3: Tap on the internet and select the option that you are using mobile data and tap on it.

Step 4: Tap on Access Point Names (APN) and edit APN

Step 5: Now, scroll down and Tap on Name and change name to 5G next to your network provider name – like if its airtel then it should be airtel 5G.

Step 6: Tap on APN and enter airtel5g or jionet5g (just add 5g next to your network provider name).

Step 7: Tap on APN Protocol and set it to ipv4/ipv6 and also set the same with APN roaming protocol.

Step 8: Now, Tap on Bearer and open it -> Unselect LTE and select checkbox – unspecified.

Step 9: Now, tap on the MVNO type option and select option to None in these MVNO Type Settings.

Step 10: Now, go back to Network settings on your mobile and select preferred network from 4g to 5g. If you are having 5G phone then you need to select 5g and for 4g select 4G.

That’s it, this is how you fix the BGMI High Ping Problem on your mobile and reduce latency of BGMI and avoid hing pings on BGMI game.

Why is My ping so high in BGMI?

This is due to high massive number of request from your network which can cause this issue and you can reduce high BGMI pings and avoid this issue.

How can i reduce High BGMI Ping issues

You need to disable background syncing of BGMI and change wifi and mobile settings on your mobile phone and repair BGMI and uninstall third party apps.

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