iPhone Hide Photo Option Missing iOS 16


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On your iPhone if you have updated iPhone to latest version to iOS 16 or later and if you have hided photos on iPhone or when you try to hide photos on iPhone and you cant find option to hide photos on iPhone and hide option is missing on iPhone iOS 16, then you need to update iPhone to latest version and other methods to fix this issue easily. 

fix iPhone Hide Photo Option Missing iOS 16

iPhone Hide Photo Option Missing ios 16

Below simple solutions will help you fix and get back the hide photos option on iOS 16 or later on iPhone.

VD - Disabled

Enable Show Hidden Albums in Photos App

Step 1: Open Settings on iPhone

Step 2: Scroll down and find the photos app and tap on it.

Step 3: Now, find Show Hidden Albums and toggle the button next to it and enable it.

Once you enable show hidden albums then your iPhone will start showing hide option and you will see hide option and view hidden photos on your iPhone after updating it to latest iOS 16 or 16.2 or 16.3 or latest version.

Update iPhone to Latest Version

Step 1: Open settings on iPhone and tap on General

Step 2: Tap on Software update and update iPhone to latest version of iOS 16.2 or later.

Once you update iPhone to latest iOS 16.3 or later version, your issue of hide option missing on iPhone will be resolved.

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Hide Photos on iPhone iOS 16 or Later

Step 1: To hide photos on iPhone -> Open Photos app

Step 2: Select the photos that you want to add (make photos full screen)

Step 3: Tap on 3 dots on bottom right corner

Step 4: Select Hide photos and selected photos will be hidden from your photos app on iPhone iOS 16 or later.

Unhide Photos on iPhone iOS 16 or later

Step 1: Open photos app

Step 2: Tap on Hidden under utilities section

Step 3: Your hidden photos on iPhone will be seen here.

Step 4: Tap on Select and select photos that you want to unhide

Step 5: Now, tap on 3 dots on the bottom right corner and tap on it and select unhide.

That’s it, once you select photos and unhide photos then your selected photos will be removed from the hidden folder and they will start appearing on the photos album.

Why iPhone hide photo option missing ios 16?

Due to iOS software iOS 16 technical glitch or software bug, users have experienced this issue and you need to select show hidden albums in photos app settings and then update iPhone to latest version to fix hide option missing on iPhone.

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