How to Transfer Contacts From Android to iPhone:

The process of transfering contacts from android to iphone is pretty easy and you can transfer contacts from android to iPhone and the main key concept is all you need to do is exports contacts to your icloud account and import them to your iphone.

Transfer Contacts from Android to iPhone using Google Account

1: Export contacts from your google account and sync them into your google account

2: Import contacts to your iCloud account and sync them in to iCloud account contacts

3: Sync google account and all your contacts from android to iPhone are transferred and this us pretty easy way to transfer contacts from android to iPhone.


If you are a android phone user and bought a new iPhone and all your contacts are in android and you want to transfer contacts from android to iPhone then there are simple ways to do this easily. No need to panic that you will loose contacts in this process coz transferring contacts from android mobile to iPhone is pretty simple.

All you need is to follow these below simple steps and there is no limit for transferring contacts i.e. you may have 1000 contacts on your android phone then you can transfer all your 1000 contacts from android to iPhone easily without losing any contact information’s, so lets see them below in details

How to transfer contacts from Android to Iphone iCloud Account:

In Android all your contacts are backed up in google drive and where as in iPhone all your contacts will be backed up in apple iCloud account. So now we will do a google to iCloud transfer.

To do this make sure your android smartphone is currently syncing to google account.

Step 1 : Go to setting in android phone

Step 2: Accounts section in settings -> Accounts

Step 3: Find the google account which you are using in your android smart phone.

Step 4: Tap on your google account and then tap on sync account.

Step 5: Make sure that contacts is in fact being synced to your google account. Make sure its enabled.

go to contacts google com

Step 6: Then login in to your google account from a pc or laptop and go to on your browser and login with your synced contacts details email. Once you have logged in all your contacts will be shown up on your pc or laptop with the same Gmail id which is synced on your smartphone.


Step 7: So transfer contacts from android to iPhone all you goonna do is select the contacts that you want to transfer from android to iPhone or select all contacts.

Step 8: Once you select all contacts select the three dots on top and click on it and click export.

Step 9: Once you click on export you will be prompted with a pop up box and will ask export contacts, selected contacts.

Step 10: Export as Google csv, Outlook csv, vCard (for IOS contacts).


Step 11: Choose vCard as you are transfer contacts from android to iPhone.

Step 12: Click on export and file will be downloaded and will be named as contacts.vcf format.

Step 13: Go to download folder and find the contacts.vcf file.

Now go to your browser and Now go to

Step 14: It will ask you to login to iCloud and make sure you login to your iCloud account.

Step 15: Once you are logged in click on contacts in iCloud dashboard.

Step 16: In bottom click on action menu item settings and click on import vCard

Step 17:   Once you click on import vCard and navigate to download folder and import contacts.vcf file.

Step 18: That’s it all your contacts will be now seen in your iCloud account.

Step 19: Now go to your iPhone home screen and open settings.

Step 20: Scroll down to passwords and accounts and tap on it.

Step 21: Navigate to iCloud account and tap on it and make sure that contacts button in here is enabled (if its disabled then enable it).

Step 22: Navigate to home screen after enabling it, launch your phone contacts and now you will be seeing all your contacts which are present in android are now transfer to your iPhone.

How to import contacts from google to icloud?

Login in to your icloud and click on settings and import vcard which you can download from google contacts and select open. All your contacts will be imported to icloud

How to export or download contacts from Google account?

Go to and select all contacts and click on three dots at top and select import as vCard and import contacts and vCard file will be downloaded.