How to Download Zoom App on a Smart tv


If we want to run all zoom meetings on our smart tv and also think about how to download a zoom app on your smart tv.  Now your in correct place. Here in this article we are providing the answer to the above question. Now along with downloading steps we are providing some features of zoom app. If your are getting frustrated while downloading zoom app on your smart tv. Let’s look in to this article. After completely reading this write it becomes easier to download zoom app on smart tv without the requirement of any experts. Due to the pandemic situation everything has changed. Everyone get locked inside their homes. With this many companies offering work from home for their employees. During this situation zoom app became more popular for conducting our video conferences or meetings or webinars. Although it has been available since 2012, it became popular since last year.

Download Zoom App on Smart tv

Downloading the zoom app is quite simple on your smart tv. It also available on smart tv apps store. With this we don’t need to install any third party apps on your smart tv. For this you need to follow the below mentioned instructions.

Step:1 Firstly turn on your smart tv.

Step:2 Now click on ‘home’ button which is available on your Tv remote in order to open app list.

Step:3 Now go to ‘app store

Step:4 With the search option you can easily find zoom app in app store

Step:5 From the obtained results, choose the zoom app and tap on download.

Step:6 Simply you can easily find the app under the app section in your Tv.

Step:7 After that open and login with your account

Zoom meeting app available with free and premium subscription  plan  options. Zoom app is a cloud based app for running online video and audio conference. If you want to start a meeting with limited members then you can go with zoom free plan. If we want to increase the meeting for large members than you can go with zoom premium subscription plans.

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Some of the Best Features of Zoom App

Their are some features which was available in zoom app after downloading it in your smart tv. Now simply look in to the features

Supports in all Platforms

Zoom app is supported almost in all platforms. It is available in Windows, mac, IOS, Linux, andriod, live streaming tv, smart tv etc. With this feature we can easily downlaod zoom app from app store on different platforms.

HD Quality videos

With this app we can get HD Quality videos while online meeting.

User Interface

In order to make our app Popular among people we have follow simple user interface feature. If you known the four buttons to start the meeting. You need not to known the plethora settings to start meeting on zoom app.

Video & Audio Conferencing app

Zoom app you can easily run your video or audio conference. With this you can calibrate with co-worker, share your screen, we can do love webinars, start live chats and many more

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