How to sign up and Sign in Zoom App in Mobile

Zoom app is a video conference app which is used to attend video calling conferences with HD video quality with reliable cloud platform and used by many in software industry and many others users in IT industry these days and its pretty useful and easy to join a meeting in zoom up and share files via zoom app and lot of other resources available in zoom app. So, let’s see how to sign in and sing up in zoom app in mobile here in detail below:

Sign up and Sign in Zoom App in Mobile

Step 1: Go to google play store and download zoom app or you can download directly from zoom official website.

Step 2: Click on sign up (you need to create an account to use zoom up).

Step 3: Verify your data of birth and enter your email, first name and last name and agree terms of condition.

Step 4: After entering details -> Click on next on top bar.

Step 5: Email confirmation will be sent  if you have registered using email id.

Note: If you register using mobile number then OTP confirmation will be sent to your register mobile number.

Step 6: Login to your Gmail account to verify your registration zoom app and activate your zoom account.

Note: Once you click on verify in Gmail it will open via chrome application redirecting to zoom application login.

Step 7: Now enter you login details and password and click on continue.

Step 8: You can skip -> Invite to collaborate or you can goa head and invite your collaborates.

Step 9: Now go ahead and open zoom app on your mobile device.

Step 10: Now click on sign in to zoom app.

Step 11: Enter your user name email login details and password as instructed on screen and click on Sign in to sign in to zoom app.

That’s it this how you create your zoom app and sign up and sign in zoom app in mobile and alternatively you can enable mobile fingerprint thumb impression for login as well.

What is zoom app?

Zoom app is a video conference app which lets you join a office meeting or create a meeting and collaborate with your colleagues and create a group and also allows you to share screen as well.

Can I attend video conference calls using zoom app?

Yes! By using zoom app you can join meetings in office along with video conference calls easily.

Where can I download zoom app for android?

You can download by visiting google play store or by visiting zoom office website and download zoom app for android device.

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