How to Unblock Someone on Snapchat


If you have blocked someone on snapchat and you want to unblock the blocked person or user then you can do it easily and sometimes, when you try to search for the person to unblock and even if you have unlocked the person you can’t find them as well because you need to add them back to your friend list on snapchat.

I unblocked someone on snapchat and can’t find them

If you have blocked someone on snapchat then you need to unblock him and also you need to add them to your snap chat account and add them as friends, then only the blocked contact will be seen in your snapchat friends list. 

Why can’t I Find Someone I Unblocked on Snapchat?

You can’t find someone who you have unblocked on snapchat and snapchat doesn’t add them automatically once you unblock them, you need to re-add them to your snapchat account manually by searching for username and add them back to your snapchat.

Unblock someone on snapchat

Step 1: Launch snapchat app and Click on profile icon on top left corner of your screen

Step 2: Tap on Settings icon (gear icon)

Step 3: Now, Scroll down and find the blocked option and tap on it and here you will see the list of blocked users on snapchat.

Step 4: To unblock the user on snapchat then tap on the cross mark next to it and confirm in pop up box and the snapchat user will be unblocked.

Step 5: After unblocking a person or user on snapchat -> you need to add the user back to your profile.

Step 6: Click on the top search bar and search for the user using username and add them to your snapchat account and the user will be unblocked and he will be able to see and view and you both can communicate with each other.

That’s it, this is how you unblock someone or unblock a user on snapchat and  add the user back to your snapchat profile.

How to unblock someone on snapchat on iPhone

To unblock someone on Snapchat -> Open snapchat and Tap on Profile -> Settings -> Blocked and Tap on x mark next to blocked username and confirm and re-add user to your snapchat account searching for username.

Can you see Snapchat messages after unblocking someone?

If you have sent snaps or messages previously then will become visible to them and snapchat doesn’t delete messages when you block them, they will be removed from your contact list and will be blocked.

Does blocking and unblocking on Snapchat delete messages?

No! If you block someone on snapchat then they will be restricted to see from your profile and message you and removed from your contacts and once you unblock them they will be able to see previous messages once you add them to your snapchat friends list.

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