How to Setup OnePlus 8t Mobile

How to Setup OnePlus 8t Mobile

If you have brought a new OnePlus 8T mobile then you can easily setup the OnePlus 8t and start using oneplus 8T and in the setup process you can skip a few things and  complete them later on your oneplus 8T mobile and do them later as well.

During the setup process you can connect to your wifi connection and setup your fingerprint and add your fingerprint to oneplus 8t during setup process as well and setup lock screen and gesture navigation or 3 button navigation and many more settings while completing the setup process of the OnePlus 8T mobile.

Setup OnePlus 8T Mobile

Follow below steps to complete the oneplus 8t setup process.

Step 1: Grab your new oneplus 8t mobile and insert the sim card on your oneplus 8t

Step 2: Now, turn on your mobile and click on the start button on your initial screen setup process of oneplus 8t.

Step 3: Tap on Language and select your language using drop down menu

Step 4: Now, click on start -> Now, tap on agree button and agree for the terms and policies in pop up.

Step 5: Now, You can skip connecting your wifi network and setup later or go ahead and connect your oneplus 8t 

Step 6: Now, tap on your wifi connection to your mobile network or your wifi internet connection and provide your wifi username and wifi password or connect to your mobile network

Step 7: Now, tap on your home wifi network and enter your wifi password and click on connect and wait for your oneplus 8t to connect to your wifi internet connection.

Step 8: Once you are connected to your wifi internet oneplus 8t will automatically check for update and install any new version of android oneplus OS is available or not and if available is available then click on install and wait for your oneplus 8t mobile to download and install latest updates.

Step 9: Now, you will see copy apps and data and choose to transfer your apps, photos, contacts from your google account here and if you wish to do it later then you go ahead and tap on Dont copy..

Step 10: Now, you will be asked to enter your Google account -> Enter your Gmail account and password and if you wish not to provide gmail at this moment you can simply tap on not now option and complete the setup process of oneplus 8t mobile.

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Step 11: Now, you will be asked to provide permissions to google services like use location, Allow scanning and other required permission to google and if you wish you can uncheck and complete the setup process of oneplus 8t and click on Accept button.

Step 12: In next screen you need to Review Additional Apps from google like Google News, Google podcasts and google onedrive and tap on OK.

Step 13: In next screen -> you will see OnePlus co creation and you can skip these or you can go ahead and tap on Agree.

Step 14: Now, you need to setup screen lock for your oneplus mobile -> enter 4 digit number and click on next and reenter same 4 digit number and confirm and setup lock screen for your oneplus 8t mobile.

Step 15: In next screen on oneplus 8t -> you will be asked to setup unlock with fingerprint -> To setup fingerprint tap on Next

Step 16: Place your finger on and off and complete the unlock with fingerprint option till it goes completely blue and lif the finger once your oneplus 8T mobile vibrates and place the finger again to complete the setup process or add fingerprint on your oneplus 8T and once done click on Next.

Step 17: In next oneplus 8T screen -> you will see edge input and place your finger and complete the edge input and fills completely blue and tap on Next.

Step 18: Now, you can select the font that you want to select for your oneplus 8T mobile and choose font that you want to like and tap on it and tap on next.

Step 19: Now, you need to setup Navigation bar and gestures here -> select bottom menu like back, home, and square on bottom on your oneplus screen navigation or select the swipe gesture to go back and forth with gestures and just tap on it how you want to navigate oneplus 8T.

Step 20: if you select gesture navigation then in next oneplus 8t screen -> you will see Master Full screen -> Tap on Next and now tap from left to right from edge of your screen and do the same for the right side edge and swipe from edge to right and swipe up from bottom to top to go to home screen for gesture navigation.

Step 21: DO the same with the recent apps as well and swipe from bottom to top.

Step 22: Now, you will see setup is complete on your OnePlus 8T mobile and your device is set up ready to use and tap on start and use your oneplus 8T mobile.

That;’s it, this is how you set up your oneplus 8T mobile properly and start using your new oneplus 8T mobile.