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How to Move & Copy Files, Folders on Galaxy S21

If you are running out of internal storage on your samsung Galaxy S21 and wondering how to move & copy files folders on Galaxy s21 to free up internal memory space on your galaxy S21 then this guide helps you to move, copy files, folders on galaxy s21 of internal file transfer, built in file manager, cut and copy paste and how to move, copy files between files and folder in detail.

Internal File Transfer: 

This post shows how to move and copy files between folders on Galaxy S21. If you need help transferring Photos, Videos and Documents from one folder to another on your Samsung Galaxy smartphone using its built-in file transfer feature.

Android File Transfer 

Files transfer in mobile devices can be carried out in different ways using different tools.

Built – in file manager

In Android smartphones, files can be transferred to another device like a computer using a comparable file transfer application.

Depicted in this walkthrough is the process of moving and copying files from one folder to another on the Galaxy S21 using the built-in file manager.

This demo also emphasizes the difference between the move and copy command.

Cut and paste copy and paste: 

Moving a file means removing the file from the source folder and then transferring it to the target folder. Copy on the other hand, will keep the original file from the source folder and then create a duplicate file on the target folder. So, it’s basically applying the concept of creating a backup file.

 In case you are wondering how to execute this command on the Galaxy S21 smartphone, feel free to refer to this quick demo.

How to move & copy files between folders on galaxy S21 

Step 1: Here’s how to move and copy files between folders on your new Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

Step 2: To get started access the app’s viewer by swiping up from the bottom of the home screen. On your galaxy S21 you can see different icons or shortcuts. Controls will populate the next display.

Step 3: Locate Settings icon and tap on it ->. Doing so will load up the main Settings menu on your samsung galaxy S21..

Step 4: In settings -> you will see the list of all the basic and advanced features of your phone.

Step 5: Scroll up or down to view more items. Then tap on Battery and Device Care.

Step 6: The device care menu will load up next. Here you will see four major directories including battery, storage, memory and Device Protection.

Step 7: Now, Let’s access the files from the phone’s built-in file manager to proceed. So Tap storage to access the Internal storage

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Step 8: From the internal storage menu tap the triple dot icon on the top right most corner and tap Advanced.

Step 9: On the Advanced menu -> Scroll down and tap Files (file manager opens next).

Step 10: Located and then tap and open the source directory or folder where you want to move the file from.

Step 11:  Here, let’s access the DCIM folder as an example.

Step 12: Locate DCIM and tap on it and tap to open the DCIM folder from the Internal storage menu.

Step 13: Another set of folders will appear under the sim directory. Let’s access the camera folder to continue. So tap the camera. 

Note: All saved  images Capture with the phone’s camera will appear here.

Step 14: Now, Tap on the triple dot icon on the upper right corner to show more options.

Step 15: Then tap at the radio button will appear before every image file in this camera folder. These are the selection buttons to select a file to transfer.

Step 16: Simply tap to mark the radio button before the image file. Or tap the radio button on the upper left most corner to select all files. After selecting files, tap move doing so activates the move or cut command.

Step 17: Tap the back arrow at the bottom right most corner to return to the Internal storage menu and find the destination or target folder where you want to store the copied file and Simply tap to open the folder while on the target or destination folder. 

Step 18: Tap ->Move here at the bottom right corner the select file will then be removed from the previous folder and then transferred to the new target folder or location to copy a file open. The source folder containing the file that you like to copy. While in the source folder enable edit mode to activate file selection. Mark the radio button before the file that you’d like to copy or mark the select all button.

Step 19: After marking the files, tap copy from the list of commands beneath the screen.

Step 20: Go back to the Internal storage menu to locate and access the target destination folder. Tap to open the selected folder then tap copy here beneath the screen a duplicate of the selected file will then appear and added to existing files in the target folder. To move or copy other files just repeat the same steps until you get to the source folder.

That’s it, this is how you move and copy files