Discord Soundboard Not Working in Server Voicemod


On your discord if you are having issue with discord soundboard not working on server with the new update sometimes may be blocking soundboard and sometimes due to Soundboard server settings and restarting your computer and uninstalling and reinstalling discord on windows computer will fix discord soundboard not working issue easily. So, let’s see in detail below.

Discord Soundboard Not Working in Server

Discord soundboarding is limited to servers less than 50 members and this might also be an issue if your discord server is not having more than 50 members.

Discord Soundboard Not working

Below methods will help you get rid of soundboard not working on discord server or any sound issue with discord as well.

Check Discord Server has More than 50 Members

Discord soundboarding feature is limited to servers less than 50 members and if your discord server has more than 50 members then you will be able to use discord soundboard feature and if you have less than 50 members then you will not be able to use soundboarding feature on discord.

So, if you have less than 50 members then you need to get more than 50 members and access the soundboard feature in discord.

If you are having more than 50 members and still not able to see the discord soundboard option when joining voice chat then you need to reinstall discord on windows computer.

Uninstall and Reinstall Discord on Computer or Laptop

Step 1: In windows search -> Search for Discord

Step 2: Right click on Discord and Select Uninstall option.

Step 3: Select Discord from the list of uninstall or change program list in the control panel and select uninstall.

Step 4: Wait for discord to completely uninstall.

Delete app data, localappdata and temp Files of Discord

Step 1: Right click on windows start button and select Run

Step 2: Run dialog box will appear on your windows computer and enter %appdata% in run dialog box and hit enter or press ok.

Step 3: Locate discord folder and right click and select delete

Step 4: Now, in run dialog box -> enter %localappdata% and hit enter

Step 5: Find discord folder and delete it from localappdata.

Once you delete appdata and localapp data of discord from your windows computer and completely uninstall discord from windows computer then you need to install discord on windows computer.

Reinstall Discord on Windows computer.

Step 1: Go to discord official website and click on download discord.

Step 2: Install discord on windows computer and follow on screen instructions.

Step 3: Open discord and go to the same discord server and you will be able to see soundboard option on discord server.

That’s it, this is how you fix Soundboard Not Working in server or soundboard not showing or any soundboard issue on discord server.

Why Discord Soundboard Not working Up in Server

This can be due to outdated discord software installed on windows computer or it can be with your discord server not having more than 50 members and once you restart your windows computer and uninstall and reinstall discord then your issue of discord soundboard not showing on server – voicemod or voicechat issue will be resolved.

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