how to insert image in wordpress post or pages

How to Insert image in wordpress post and pages

In this section we will be looking at how to add an image file to your content. However the same steps apply no matter what substantial of content you want to add to the blog post or page.

Follow these steps to inset an image in WordPress:

Step one: Click on add new post or edit an existing post. Once you are in the edit mode of WordPress page or post click inside the content where you want to place the image.

Step Two: Click on the upload image icon from the toolbox at the top of the page or click on Add a block and click on insert an image.

How to insert-image-in-wordpress

Step Three:


You can add content either from your computer or from a location on the web. In this example we will assume that the file is stored on your computer. To access the file select the from computer tab and then click on the select file button or you can insert directly from the URL also.

Step Four: Find the file on your computer and then click on the open button. WordPress will then upload the file from your web server where it will be accessible in the media gallery.

Step Five: While it is uploading there will be a progress bar. Once it has finished uploading it will be accessible through the images option window.

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Step Six: You will now have a number of different options available for customizing your image including changing the title, alternative text, caption and description. You can also select where you would like your image to be positioned in the content. Select the positioning that you prefer and then click on the insert into post button.

That’s it, this is the same procedure you have to insert image in WordPress post or pages.