Fix Amazfit GTS Screen Upside Down Problem or Clock Face

How to Fix Amazfit GTS Screen Upside Down Problem or Clock Face

  • To fix amazfit GTS screen upside down then you need to change settings -> Wearable settings -> Tap on Button on the right and your issue of upside down on amazfit clock face will be resolved.

If your amazfit gts screen goes upside down if you have added a new watch face on amazfit gts clock face upside down or suddenly amazfit screen upside down then you need to follow these simple steps to get rid of this issue by changing the amazfit watch wearing direction settings, So let’s see them in detail.

If you have updated your amazfit gts to the latest version then you need to change the watch screen and or on your amazfit you may be in workout mode or stress monitor or caller id not showing on amazfit gts then follow these other solutions to fix this issue.

Fix Amazfit GTS Screen Upside Down 

Below methods will help you fix amazfit gts screen upside down.

Step 1: On your amazfit gts clock screen -> Scroll up from top and bring settings screen

Step 2: Now, slide right and tap on gear icon (settings option)

Step 3: Scroll up and go to preferences and tap on it (or scroll down)

Step 4: Now, scroll down and locate the wearing direction option and tap on it.

Step 5: Now, tap on the button on the right option.

That’s it, once you change the watch direction option to button on the right then Fix Amazfit GTS Screen Upside Down option will be fixed successfully.

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Why Is Amazfit GTS Screen Upside Down?

On your amazfit gts watch settings if your settings on your screen like watch wearing direction is set to button on the left and you wear watch in a direction where button is on the right then you will see amazfit gts screen upside down and then you need to change these settings to button on the right to get your screen watchclock properly when you are wearing watch in button on the right direction.

Depending on the users, sometimes few users like to wear buttons on the left so these settings are given for the ease of access and depending on the user. So if you see your amazfit screen goes upside down then change wearing direction settings which suits you better.