How to Factory Reset Nothing Ear 1


If your Nothing ear 1 buds are not working properly and having issues like nothing ear 1 not connecting to wifi or nothing ear 1 case not charging or poor sound during signal or any other issues with nothing ear 1 earbuds then you can easily reset nothing ear 1 fix all issues on nothing ear 1. So, let’s see in detail below.

Many users also experienced issues with nothing ear 1 not working after firmware update or poor connecting and noise cancellation not working or many other issues and resetting nothing ear will fix issues with nothing ear 1 and get up and running and you need to connect your nothing ear 1 buds to iPhone or Android once you reset and its pretty easy to connect to any device.

Factory Reset Nothing Ear 1 

Follow below method to factory reset nothing ear 1 and restore all its setting back to its original default settings and fix all issues with nothing ear 1.

Step 1: Grab your nothing ear 1 case 

Step 2: Press and hold the power button until you see color gets to change to red 

Step 3: Once Nothing ear 1 completely resets then go ahead and open your nothing ear 1 and then connect with your android phone or iPhone or any other device.

That;s it, this is how you reset nothing eear 1 successfully and erase all data and restore nothing ear 1 to default settings and fix any issue with nothing ear 1.

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When to Reset Nothing Ear 1

If you’re having serious issues like nothing ear is not at all working or not responding or not connecting to wifi and nothing ear 1 is connecting to your android or iPhone or any serious issues then you need to rest nothing ear 1 and restore its setting back to its default settings and will fix almost all issues.

Nothing ear (1 disconnecting)

Most of the time if you are running older firmware update or software version of nothing ear 1 then you will have these kind of issues and nothing ear 1 keeps disconnecting and connecting and if there is any wifi internet or poor internet wifi signals then you will see these issues and its recommended to update nothing ear 1 firmware to latest version always.

Cant Reset Nothing Ear 1

If your nothing ear 1 is not resetting or cant reset nothing ear 1 then you need to make sure that you are pressing and holding the power key until you see a red light and don’t release the power button once you see white light blinking.


Nothing Ear 1 Reset

Open nothing ear 1 case -> Press and Power button on Nothing ear 1 case until you see red light and release the key.

Does Resetting Nothing Ear 1 Fix all issues?

Yes! Once you reset nothing ear 1 then all settings and wifi connection and user data and everything will be wiped out and erased and it will restore settings to its original default settings and it will be like brand new nothing ear 1 as you just bought it from store.

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