How to move whatsapp group to signal app

How to Move WhatsApp group to Signal App

Open your signal app and click on 3 dots on the upper right corner and you will see an option -> New Group. Go ahead and click on new group-> Enter the name of your friends or numbers and add them to the group and click next. Now, you need to name the group on signal app. Enter your WhatsApp group name which you want to move to signal app and tap on create and your group will be created on your signal app.

Now, click on three dots and click on group settings and scroll down and tap on group link option and turn on group link option by toggle button and make sure that your approve new member requests to turn on (click on toggle button to turn on and turn off approve members in signal group).

Click on Share link option -> copy the link and share it in your WhatsApp group and to share a signal group link to WhatsApp group. Click on Share with and select WhatsApp and share signal app group link in WhatsApp group. Once you share signal group link to your WhatsApp group link by clicking on it people can click on that link directly and join your WhatsApp group.

This is pretty simple to move your WhatsApp group to signal app by just creating a signal group link and share it in your WhatsApp group and ask your friends and groups members to join signal app group. That’s it, this is how you move WhatsApp group to signal app.


Click on your signal app group -> Select group settings -> enable group link and change approval settings to approve new members and copy the link and share signal app link with your WhatsApp group.