How to Connect iPhone to insignia tv Wirelessly airplay

If you are having insignia tv and trying to screen mirror or cast your iPhone to insignia tv using airplay then you can do it easily by enabling airplay on your iPhone device and screen mirror on your insignia smart tv wirelessly.

So lets see in detail how to connect iPhone to insignia tv wirelessly using Airplay on your phone below and this method works for all iPhone models like iPhone 15, 14, 13, 12, X/XS/XR/11.

Connect iphone to insignia tv wirelessly using airplay

Step 1: On insignia tv -> GO to settings

Step 2: Select Display and Settings

Step 3: From here, select Apple AirPlay and Press ok and Airplay settings will open on hisense tv

Step 4: Now, Select AirPlay and turn on.

Step 5: Grab your iphone and swipe from right side top to bottom and tap on screen mirroring option

Step 6: Select your insignia tv from the list and on your insignia tv you will receive 4 digit code and enter it on your iphone and tap on ok and your iphone will connect to insignia fire tv.

Thats it, this is how you connect your insignia fire tv to iphone and cast your iphone to insignia tv.

Download Screen Mirror on Insignia tv

To connect or screen mirror your iPhone to insignia tv wirelessly you need to download screen mirroring application from google play store on both iPhone and insignia tv.

Step 1: Go to Apps section on your insignia tv

Step 2: scroll right to categories section->Utilities

Step 3: Search for Screen Mirror and click on it and install it on your insignia tv.

Download Screen Mirror on your iPhone

Step 4: On your iPhone go to apple store and search for screen mirror application

Step 5: Download screen mirror and install it (screen mirror + fire tv) install same application.

Step 6: Now, once you have installed screen mirror on your insignia tv and iPhone, go ahead and open screen mirror application.

Step 7: Open screen mirror on your iPhone and tap on screen mirroring.

Step 8: Now tap on start broadcasting, that’s it your iPhone screen will be screen mirrored on your insignia tv wirelessly now.

That’s it, you have successfully connected iPhone to insignia tv wirelessly.

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Cant connect iPhone to insignia smart tv wirelessly?

If you are facing issues while connecting your iPhone then make sure that you are connected to same internet connection both on your insignia smart tv and iPhone. If you connect to different WIFI network then iPhone will not connect to insignia smart tv and cant screen mirror.

Can I connect iPhone to insignia tv wirelessly?

Yes ! You can connect your iPhone to insignia smart tv using screen mirror application installed on your smart tv and iPhone.

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