What Is Science

Today we are going to briefly know about what is science. Science literally means to know.

Science is a systematic enterprise that builds and organizes knowledge in the form of testable explanations and predictions about the universe. we also some time called as a things we learned through experimentation.

Infact the terms science itself comes from a latin word that means knowledge and the names of many branches of science end with OLOGY which means study of in greek.

Scientific name began with new knowledge through discipline set of methods called the scientific method, the scientific method consists of asking a question , proposing a possible solution called a hypothesis , testing the hypothesis through a series of a experiments, examining the results of the experiments to see if the hypothesis has been supported or refuted and then proposing a new question or a new Hypothesis .

Scientists can Specialise in one of hundreds of different fields all which focus of different types of knowledge. For example Physical sciences like chemistry and Physics examine the laws of nature are consider to be fundamental science and is because everything in the universe obeys these natural laws. Astronomers , Physicists and engineers study physical sciences, Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, and Marie Curie were physical scientist.

Scientists in life Sciences like Evolution, Micro-Biology in zoology study anything living. Medicine is also considered to be a Life science. Charles Darwin and Rachel Carson are two well known Biologist.

Social Sciences: Social Scientist who take fields such as Physiology, sociology and anthropology study humans and humans behaviour. Sigmund Freud and Margaret Mead were both social scientists.

Science Never ends everyday scientists make new discoveries and answers new questions but there are always new mysteries to uncover and problems to solve.
Science is questioning, wondering, observing, comparing, measuring, creating, experimenting , exploring discovering.

So here are the three statements about science:

  • 1- Science is knowledge gained through experience
  • 2- Science is an accumulated body of knowlege of the physical or material world through observation or experimentation.
  • 3- Scienc is Facts of principles gained by systematic study.

Science is knowledge gained through experience for instances i like fishing a lot and the first time i went fishing i did not know anything, i have to take a book with me but overtime i gained knowledge of catching fishes and was able to identify them and how to catch when to catch and how much time it takes to catch a fish and by what they look like without having a field guide with me. So science is knowledge is gained through experience.

2- This would probably the definition most of the people are familiar with in school we get a lab from a teacher and you go through and perform a bunch of experiments and observations and at the end you come out with the result. so we ar going to do alot of this kind of science.

3- So for instance things like the low of gravity, those things are all definitions of science.

To do Science we have to assume the following

In order to do science we have to make a couple of some assumptions if you dont make these assumptions we can’t do science.

So, we have to assume that there is an order to the universe.: if there is an order to the universe logically you in mind it is capable or should be capable of comprehending this order. so we can assume that yes there is an order to the universe and everything is set up in a certain way hopefully as human begins we should be able to explore and then thoroughly understand that order.

And the last thing we have to assume that, IF conditions are the same the results of and study will be the same.: this is the we tell a good scientific experiment is its repeatability, if you taken an experiment from a scientist and you can duplicate that experiment in your lab you should probably get the same result that scientist got.

If you dont get the same result experiment either something is wrong with your experiment or something is wrong with their experiment, so i just have to test each other and this is really important in science.

Because if you have a scientist who is curing a miracle cure for cancer and other researchers go and do their experiment and dont come up with the same result then you have a problem, so its important to double check your work.

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