How to Uninstall or Remove and Reinstall XAMPP in windows 10

How to Uninstall or Remove and Reinstall XAMPP in windows 10

Installing a XAMPP server on your computer is bit heavy and hectic but once it is installed its very powerful to use XAMPP resources and start building application on your local machine. Some times XAMPP will not be working correctly and will be responding or misbehaving and will be unable to start XAMPP control panel apache or MYSQL when you start from control panel and the solution for this will be simple but some times without knowingly settings will be changed in XAMPP folder and its unknown to anyone, only a user who is working on will be able to tell you what was done, but developer forgets things wisely. So uninstalling or removing XAMPP in windows or mac and installing it again is necessary to work XAMPP correctly or expected way.

How to uninstall or remove XAMPP in windows 10:

To uninstall or remove XAMPP from windows 10 just follow the below steps as everyone knows uninstalling or deleting is easy rather than installing or configuring or deleting things from windows computer.

Step 1 – Go to control panel

Step 2 – Navigate to Programs and Features

Step 3 – Select the XAMPP folder, right click and select uninstall.

Step 4 – It will prompt you with a question “Do you want to uninstall XAMPP and all its components”

Step 5 – Press Yes and Wait for uninstall to complete.

Step 5 – Once done it will prompt you XAMPP has been successfully uninstalled.

How Remove XAMPP Folder in windows 10:

If you want to remove XAMPP and its folder after the stage of asking step 4 (Do you want to uninstall all it components) it will ask you “Remove the path/htdocs folder too”.

If you want to remove XAMPP folder including htdocs then, choose the option YES, if you don’t want to remove XAMPP folder then choose option NO.

Step 6 – After choosing yes or no, uninstalling XAMPP will start from your computer and it will start uninstalling files doesn’t take much time.

Step 7 –  Uninstallation Successful

Step 8:  After Uninstallation it will prompt you to setup must restart the computer. Would you like to restart now. Well it depends on you if you want to restart your computer or not.

How to Reinstall XAMPP in windows:

If you want to reinstall XAMPP in windows after uninstalling then navigate to .exe folder of XAMPP and click run.

Once the setup start installing then follow the screen instructions.