Google Authentication is Required Error How to Fix

Google Authentication is Required Error How to Fix

Google providing, a special feature for its customers to protect data from unauthorized users with granting permission for accessing information by using google authenticator which does not require any internet connection. It grants permission to users by using an alphanumeric secret key. With these codes some time users get issues while performing login action. In order to get relief from this issue we need to follow some basic steps.

How to fix google authentication is required how to fix

Step 1: Click on your main mobile settings.

Step 2: After opening the settings scroll down till you notice the accounts option then tap on it.

Step 3: Next hit on google after that just tap on the account with which you have an issue.

Step 4: Then click on more (three dots) option which is available on top right corner.

Step 5: After that click on remove account option and continue by clicking remove account popup.

Step 6: Then navigate back to accounts where you can find the google icon has disappeared.

Step 7: Next at the bottom in the accounts option there will be an add account option available now tap on it.

Step 8: Now you add your previous account where you can add a new account.

Step 9: In this step you can find a google icon tap on it.

Step 10: After step 9 it displays like checking info popup.

Step 11: In this step you can enter your email id and click on next after that enter your password and hit on next.

Step 12: After hitting on next it provides a popup as accepted click on it.

Step 13: In this case it shows as checking info.

Step 14: It provides a popup to accept services and terms with a small rectangular box.

Step 15: In that small rectangular box you have to put a tick mark for accepting the terms and hit on next.

Step 16: With the above step your account is added.

Step 17: After this you have to navigate back to your phone home screen.

Step 18: Next click on the main phone settings according to your phone model and you will find the app or app manager.

Step 19: Then click on it and wait until it open.

Step 20: After opening swipe to right until you find All tab then you need to click on it.

Step 21: Then after opening you need to find google play store app from the available apps.

Step 22: After finding google play store app hit on it then open it and clear the cache data.

Step 23: Then it displays a popup hit it.

Step 24: Then you need to do a simple process is just click on uninstall updates and tap on ok.

Step 25: Next it displays with a statement as replace this app with the factory version then hit on ok. 

Step 26: Now it starts uninstalling the google play store updates.

Step 27: you need to go back to add your device google play store.

Step 28: Then you need to tap and open it.

Step 29: After opening click on accepting services and terms of google.