How to Setup Pioneer Smart Fire tv

If you have just bought your pioneer smart fire tv or if you have performed factory reset on pioneer tv if your tv is not responding or having issues on pioneer tv then you need to setup from the beginning to get started and start watching or start streaming on your pioneer tv. So, let’s see in detail the setup process.

Setup process in pioneer smart tv is pretty simple and straight forwared and all you need to do is choose the option from your screen and you must have a google account to login to your google play store account to access and download and install apps on your pioneer smart fire tv.

Things you need to Setup Pioneer Smart Fire tv

To complete the setup process you will need a pair of new batteries to insert them in your pioneer smart tv remote and an active google account. So grab your remote and remove the battery’s back case and insert new batteries in your remote.

How to Setup Pioneer Fire Tv

Step 1: Now, go ahead insert pioneer smart fire tv power cable to the wall socket and turn on your pioneer smart tv (You can turn on pioneer smart fire tv using remote and without using remote as well) so, for now, press power button and turn on pioneer smart fire tv

Step 2: Once you turn on pioneer tv your remote will be automatically paired and if not you need to press and hold the home button on your remote for 10 seconds and wait for your pioneer smart tv to pair your remote.

Step 3: Now, You need to select language -> Select your language accordingly (english).

Step 4: Now, click on continue for fire tv edition and wait for your pioneer fire tv to scan for networks and once scan for network completes you will see a list of available networks will be displayed.

Connect Pioneer Fire tv to WIfi

Step 5: Now, Select your wifi network -> Enter Password using popup screen keyboard(Qwerty) -> Click on continue and make sure you enter correct password or else you will not connect to internet.

Note: You need to connect to wifi internet because you will receive and update and you need to update to the latest system software firmware always.

Step 6: Now, wait for your pioneer smart fire tv edition to check for latest software update is available or not and if update is available it will download and install update to latest version on your pioneer fire tv edition and your pioneer fire tv edition will restart once it completes update.

Step 7: Now, Select your Experience -> Select Full and there are two options available: full and basic.

Step 8: Now, you will need to sign in to your amazon account and if you are already having an amazon account then you need to sign in and if you are not having amazon account then you need to create an amazon account if you are new to amazon.

Sign in to Amazon Account

Step 9: To Sign in to your existing amazon account click on Sign in to Your amazon account.

Step 10: Now, enter the activation code

Step 11: Open Amazon account from your browser or mobile -> Sign in to your amazon account at

Step 12: Enter the 6 digit code which is displayed on your Pioneer Fire tv and Click on Continue.

Step 13: Now, you will successfully login to your amazon account on your pioneer fire tv (smart tv).

Step 14: You will see a message your tv will be registered to your account -> Just go ahead and click on continue.

Step 15: Now, select to save wifi passwords and that’s up to you, you can save or not on your pioneer fire tv.

Step 16: Now, if you want you can enable parenting control or you can do this later as well.

Step 17: In this step you can go ahead and choose streaming services or you can go and skip or no thanks.

Step 18: You can scan for tv channels here -> click on yes to scan or no.

Step 19: On your pioneer fire tv -> who’s watching tv -> you need to select your profile here and click on ok or if you want you can add a new profile as well by clicking on add profile and follow on-screen instructions to complete the profile setup process on pioneer fire tv.

Step 20: Now, the apps section will be displayed on your pioneer fire tv -> if you want to download apps on pioneer fire tv then go ahead and click on the app to download and install it on your pioneer fire tv.

Download all the necessary applications that you want to watch on your pioneer fire tv and download and install them and start watching on your pioneer fire tv.

That’s it, this is how you setup pioneer smart fire tv easily by following the above steps.

Rajeshwari Chiluveru
Rajeshwari Chiluveru
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