What is MySQL and SQL

What is MySQL

MySQL is technically a data base management system which manages data, although we often refer to it as just a database but really it’s a database management system and it’s a software that can manage a collection of database. SQL it does actually stands for structured query language so structured and SQL is the language that you use to issue commands to relational databases like MySQL.

MySQL is a Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) which is great for energizing a web site, managing personal data or any of the everyday uses of a database.

what are the features of MySQL
what are the features of MySQL

MySQL is hugely popular with both the open source and web-based communities and can essentially be considered the de fracto standard for database software. One reason could be that it is a real solutions appealing to various kinds of database users and administrations.

Another reason for MySQL success is that it widely accessible. The Gnu Public license (GPL) is a standard licensing agreement for participating in open source software. It dictates that software can be used at no cost as long as any source code containing the GPL product is also made available under GPL.

This does not mean that if MySQL is used as part of an application the application source code must be released. This is necessary only if MySQL code is required for the application to function, or if RDBMS is distributed with the software application.

What is SQL:

SQL stands for Structure Query Language and SQL is a database management system that manages a bunch of different databases (there are different types of databases) and each one you can give a name to and you can add tables to it and data to those tables but database management system needs some way of allowing you to communicate with it when you run a software that runs continuously that will communicate with server and server produces data in a format that’s understood by browser or app and produces data for clients.

Which Major Companies use MySQL

Major corporations such as Yahoo, Cisco, NASA, Lucent technologies, Motorola, Google, Silicon Graphics, HP, Xerox and Sony pictures rely on MySQL for heavy duty, mission-critical applications. MySQL will be found predominately used in the LAMP (Linux Apache MySQL PHP or Perl) model.

MySQL is reliable and provides high performance server which is very easy to setup and use and most of the companies chose MySQL to power their websites and these qualities are why MySQL is making strong inroads into the internal database servers of Fortune 1000 companies that have traditionally used commercial databases.

Features of MySQL

MySQL is not the only free database management system also is not the only open source database management system. One of the largest differences is the user friendliness that saturates MySQL. The friendliness, starting with the cost — free unless embedded in another product — shines through the quick installation and setup, and pleases the new database user with SQL language extensions that are nearly intuitive. For example, the SHOW DATABASES command shows a list of databases you have permission to see.

Experienced database administrators can install, configure, and bring a MySQL server online in less than fifteen minutes. If the installation process is packaged it can be done in five minutes.

MySQL operates on a wide range of hardware and operating systems from laptops to multi-core servers. Though benchmark comparisons can be slanted to benefit one server or another, the various benchmarks available show that MySQL competes with and frequently beats competing database servers.

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