What is Body Language

What Is Body Language

What is Body Language:

It is also known as the communication language without using words.

When you meet a person whose speaking language is different from your speaking language and you cant understand what he or she says to you or speaking to you, then there is only one language by which you can communicate and that is body Language. Our bodies have a language of their own.

Body language vs Sign Language(Signed Language) :

A sign language also known as signed language is a language which for the most part or mainly uses manual communication to express a thought, feeling, or idea, as opposed to acoustically conveyed sound patterns. This can involve at the same time combining making hand shapes(folding hands, crossing fingers etc..), orientation and movement of the hands, arms or body, and facial expressions some times or mostly to show (feeling of thought) a speaker’s thoughts. Sign languages share many similarities with languages that you speak (sometimes called as oral languages, which depend for the most part on sound), which is why scientific study of language consider both to be natural languages. Anyways there are many differences between signed language and spoken languages, such as how they use space structure they use, sign languages show the same language form and use the same language as do spoken languages. They should not be confused with body language, which is a kind of non-linguistic communication.

Don’t get confused between Body language and sign language, they both are completely different.

What Happens when we communicate with others :

This is a world of what we say is all important. Human Researches shown that there is only 7 percent of human communication made is through actual words and 93 % of what we communicate with others is non-verbal, think about that 93 % so its a ton of voice, postures, micro expressions on face, different gestures that we might use. so we put on the significance of 7 % on words we should know if we are doing that.

We speak with out mouth and communicate with our eyes our faces our smiles, our hands, our arms even with our legs and toes, possibly the only part of our body is our body we don’t communicate with it is our belly button and i am not sure that this statement is correct. Body language is most certainly a very ancient.

Beyond the words lies a fascinating word of non-verbal communication. The secret word of Body Language. When you meet someone new we need to leave a good first impression it may be the only chance you get where intentions, thoughts or feelings emotions are expressed by the physical behaviors such as a facial expression rubbing your nose, fake smiling, body gestures, postures, eye contact and movement, handshake, touch, and use of space when meeting a person.
Can you believe that crossing your arms means you are defensive? or someone who is stroking their hair or playing with hair while talks must be flirting with you? If you think so that is not correct.

Because the truth is the body language is not the precise science, any one gesture can be interpreted in a several different ways, just as a word can have several meanings. Fisting your writs could feel you angry or anxious. Arm folding can be performed to a feeling of annoyance or cut off but it is also whats called a discovered action, Something we do just because it feels comfortable. Nose touching could show you’re covering your mouth to prevent (something) from being known a lie, but it could just as easily mean you’ve go an itchy nose. Some gestures are inborn meaning you do them out of typically fixed pattern and you have very little control over them.