How to fix no internet secured in windows 10

How to fix no internet secured in windows 10

Sometime when you connect to internet WIFI and it says no internet secured in windows 10 computer or laptop and this can be fixed by several methods by changing settings in network connections properties and by updating network drivers and It’s a very frustrating situation that why internet is not secured when everything seems fine and this can be fixed easily by following few steps, let’s see in detail.

How to fix no internet secured in windows 10:

Unchecking settings in Network connection properties:

Step 1: On your keyboard press windows button + R and run will prompt your windows 10 screen

Step 2: Now type ncpa.cpl and press ok or enter, It will open your network connections

Step 3: Right click on your wifi connection and click properties.

Step 4: Now Uncheck -> Client for Microsoft networks and File and printer sharing for Microsoft networks and also QoS Packet Scheduler, uncheck internet protocol version 6 (TCP/IPv6).

Step 5: After unchecking above then click ok.

That’s it now you windows 10 computer showing no internet secured will not show anymore, by performing above steps your error will be fixed successfully and if this method does not fix this error you can follow below method to fix this error.

Updating WIFI network drivers to fix no internet secured in windows 10:

Step 1: In windows search bar type device manager and open device manger.

Step 2: Now expand network adaptors.

Step 3: select your WIFI driver adaptor.

Note: (if you are not sure what is your WIFI driver adaptor, click on network connections and navigate to your WIFI name and under WIFI name your WIFI driver adaptors will be listed).

Step 4: Right click on your WIFI driver adaptor and click on update driver

Step 5: Now select search automatically for updating drivers, if you are having network drivers on your computer or laptop locate the folder by choosing different option on your screen.

Step 6: Once you drivers are updated you will not see any error saying no internet secured in windows 10 computer.

By updating drivers no internet secured in windows 10 will be fixed automatically, restart  your computer and you will not be facing any issues with wifi internet connection.

Why does it say no Internet secured?

This may be due to invalid configuration in network settings and by changing adapter settings you can fix this issue.

Does updating driver fix wifi no internet secure problem?

Yes, most of the times, it fixes the issue, as this no internet secured connection is due to the invalid ip settings, by updating drivers again it will fix the issue and it will restore with new settings automatically.