Difference between Solar eclipse and Lunar Eclipse and its Similarities:

Everyone know what is solar eclipse and lunar eclipse and lets know what are the differences between solar eclipse and lunar eclipse.

A solar eclipse and lunar eclipse are two types of eclipse which involves sun and moon and the Earths shadow as it happens around it involves these three celestial bodies which can pass on and lets make it easier to remember a lot of people forget the difference and confuse a lot lest make it easy with the sun refers as the solar and the moon as Lunar.

What is Solar eclipse and Lunar Eclipse:

It’s time to know what eclipse is and when solar eclipse occurs now. An Eclipse happens when the earth passes between the moon and the sun with the occurrence of solar and lunar eclipse.

A solar eclipse happens when the moon passes in between the Earth and the sun and blocking all portions or a portion of Sun is called Solar Eclipse and while solar eclipse occurs it can be partial or annular or it can be total.

A Total Solar Eclipse is when the moon blocks out all the sun entirely resulting in eclipse and partial eclipse said when it blocks out of a portion of the sun and annular eclipse when the moon is at the fullest point in orbit and it will not cover sun completely and we see a slight ring shape of light up-and-coming from the outside perimeter of the moon.

Lunar eclipse occurs when the moon passes directly behind the earth into its umbra or Shadow this can happen only when the sun, Earth and the moon are associated precisely are very closely to and the earth in the middle so lunar eclipse occurs only at the night time of a full moon, there are only certain times when either of them solar or lunar eclipse occur.

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Difference between solar eclipse and lunar eclipse and their similarities

Lets see what are the differences between solar and lunar eclipse and their similarities in detail:

Lunar eclipse can occur only at night time and Solar eclipse occurs at day time as discussed earlier earth will be in mid position when lunar eclipse so earth in middle makes entire earth dark resulting in night time.

A lunar eclipse occurs only when the moon is exactly opposite to the sun and the sky a full moon, even though when there is a full moon every month lunar eclipse will not occur monthly because the sun will not be exactly in the same line with the earth and the moon.

We can see lunar eclipse more readily than solar eclipse and it has to do with proximity the moon is pretty much closer to the Earth.

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