Why Animals are Endangered in Species

Why Animals are Endangered in Species:

We all know animals are endangered and we dont know why animals are endangered in species.Animals are endangered and are at threat and risk from climate changing and loss of habitat and genetic variation and becoming the extinct of species. Destruction of precious habitat which is the nature environment of living things plants and cut down tress, dams and rivers building and pollution of water by building industrial buildings and roads and other development. There are many species that are on edge of extinction and many animals are endangered because of over hunting of for their meat, fur, Nails, Horns and several other parts and animals becoming extinct in species and human activity playing a major role in animals or fault of human activity to become endangered and few wild life organization come forward to protect endangered animals and they have been successful in protecting endangered animals and their species become threatened.

What is Endangered:

Any Species that is in danger of extinction during all or part of its range, or specially protected areas, only few of them left in their species. ‘Endangered’ in relation to a particular or especially migratory species means that the migratory species is danger of extinction or death all over all or a momentous portion of its range. There are lot of animal species endangered in this world and increasing rapidly with enormous speed of endangered becoming daily with huge increase in percent rate.


What are the main reasons for animals become endangered:

There are many reasons for an animal to become endangered. The Extinction rate is thousand times greater that it normally would be because of human activities and development and not getting enough space for animals to live in their zones. There are also other reasons apart from human activity and they are :

  1. loss of Babitat
  2. Genetic Mutation.

What is the Main Causes of Endangered Species:

Habitat Loss, Urban Construction, Agriculture and cattle Ranching Expansion, Pollution, Air Pollution, Soil Pollution, Water Pollution, Illegal hunting and fishing, Global Warming and many others here everything is connected through the lifecycle of animals to live on earth.


How Can we protect Endangered Species:

We have reasonability to protect endangered animal species and the extinction of endangered animals is happening at an frightening rate increasing day by day and now it’s time to protect and prevent animals extinction.

How to Save and Prevent Endangered Species :

Learn and Know about endangered species and let your surrounding people and friends and family known about endangered species and how important and how fascinating and beautiful they are. Our nature provides us with many interesting and beautiful things including clean air and water, food and help them live better.