what are the html tags for bold and italic

What are the Tags for Bold and Italic

If you are using html and wondering how to make a part of text in a sentence to bold or italic as per the requirement and these are called as formatting elements in html. Html provides a variety of tags to reach the requirements and they are just simple tags and powerful.

<b> for bold and <i> for italic and also you can use <strong> for bold as well.

What are the tags for Bold and italic in html:

Html tag for Bold:

You can use b tag for bold. Place the word in between as shown below, then the result will be bold for word example here will be bold.

<b>example</b> for bold.

strong tag for bold:

You can also use alternatively strong tag in html to make a part of word or whole sentence in bold like example: <strong>example word</strong> output result will be in bold for the words Example word. This is another method to achieve bold in a sentence.

Html tag  for Italic:

For  italic use i with open and close parenthesis for italic tag which gives you the word in italic like below.

<i>example</i> for italic tag

Why are tags bold and italic used for:

Bold and italic are used to highlight an important part of a document in html to help users to understand that the part which is highlighted is important for particular topic and the author wants to concentrate on bold and italic words to make user understand about a topic what he is explaining about.

Using tags bold and italic are good in html for users:

Yes using bold and italic tags are very important for users as the user may not be reading the entire document if you highlight important parts of html document then user will be reading that highlighting part with tags bold and italic and will be reading the previous and next sentences which are required.

Very easy to use HTML tags bold and italic:

In document if you use html tags and if you want to use html tags like bold and italic it will be easy to render as well and it is very easy to implement tags or write html markup for a document easily.

Tags for bold and italic in wordpress:

In every cms like wordpress or joomla or drupal the html tags will be always same and cms like wordpress and others offers ease at work when you are uploading document in wordpress. All you have to do select the word or sentence which you want to use html tags bold or italic and press control B for bold and ctrl I for italic and also wordpress provides visual editor as well to implement html tags bold and italic easily.

Tags for bold and Html italic in css:

Yes you can also achiever bold and italic in css as well by defined in css as well which is pretty vital and time saving as well. Suppose if you want to use for all anchor element you want to use bold or italic you can change all of them in to bold or italic by declaring in css

  1. font-style: italic.
  2. Font-style:bold
What is Bold tag in html

use b tag for bold in hml and you can also use strong name tag for bold in html

What is italic tag in html

use i tag for italic in html