Human evolution & Stages Of Human Evolution

Human evolution & Stages Of Human Evolution

Human evolution:

Every human being will be interested to know how the human evolution has been evolved and where did the come from , every one knows that human form came from apes and there is a close relationship of apes and humans. Lets dig in deeper here.

The first question comes,’ in mind where do we start to understand about the human evolution. Lets start from here, stages of human evolution.

What is Evolution:

The gradual development of species changing or transforming and something passes by degrees to a different levels. Evolution is simply the process by which different kinds of living organism are said to have developed from earlier forms during the history of the earth.


Australopithecus are the first of our ancestors, females were about 3.5 feet tall and males are about 4.5 feet tall. Australopithecus have strong teeth to eat fruits, vegetables, tubers. Australopithecus are morphed in to Homo Habilis.

Homo Habilis:

Homo Habilis means handy man, the male were about 7.2 feet and female were about 8.6 feet. They had an omnivorous diet and ate raw food because fire wasn’t invented. Homo Habilis are morphed in to Homo erectus.

Homo Erectus:

Homo Erectus means upright man, both male and female could grow as tall as 5 Feet 10 inches. They were omnivorous and they ate red meat and berries also they chewed on bones. Homo Erectus are then morphed in to Homo Neanderthalensis.

Homo Neanderthalensis:

Homo Neanderthalensis are closed related to us, females were about 5 feet tall and male were about 5.5 feet tall. Few scientists and researchers say that they were a lot of stronger than modern humans. They are fruits and vegitables and also they hunted large animals for meat. Homo Neanderthalensis soon became The Homo Sapeins.

Homo Sapeins: People today are known as Homo Sapeins.

These are the stages of human evolution.