Simple ways of Website Content Optimization Checklist and Techniques

Simple Ways of Website Content Optimization Checklist

Simple ways of Website Content Optimization Checklist and Techniques

Website content optimization is very important for any website and lot of SEO and webmasters will be doing it very easily with few of the techniques and checklist they prepare as there is change in SEO. For the SEO beginners let’s keep few things in detail not to make them confuse as SEO and optimization of content makes lot of beginners leave in a confusion state and few of them land in nowhere and leave behind in content optimization.

Accepted keywords in Your Content:

Keywords should not be repeated a long time when you use your keywords make sure you use it look natural when a user is reading your webpage and frame a correct sentence by using the keywords which are accepted by search engines or else using keyword a lot of times on your may lead to keyword Abusing which Google doesn’t like and it will punish you.

Grammar and keyword Phrases:

Content optimizing with the grammar and spelling mistake also makes your webpage go down.

First let us discuss in deep about what is seo(Search Engine) content optimization:

I will make it easier for you to understand and use simple words for you to understand here, content optimization is nothing but checking the webpage meets the quality guidelines of a search engines. That’s it. There are few content optimization checklist and we have to make them perfect and serve our page to search engines and when search engines crawls webpage if it reaches the quality content optimization then it will serve to the users when they search in Google.

If you have a quality content webpage well organized then Google will sure keep your webpage at first on Google search results.

Website content Optimization Checklist:

Optimizing content check Keyword:

Doing a keyword research takes al lot of time once your done with your keyword write content on that keyword and put your keyword on heading titles and write quality content using the keyword. While optimizing you have to check the position of the keyword and and its density and use it effectively without using your keyword most of the time on your webpage.


Content Optimization also includes URL of the Webpage:

A well optimized url of a webpage is very important and it should not be ignored at any cost. Firstly, check the Url of the page whether it meets the guidelines of Search engines. The url of the webpage should be in charz not in numbers. For ex; 23434343/45454/ as soon as Google search engine see’s this page it will surely keep your page at last.

Wrong Url:
Correct Url:

Content optimization by Webpage Title and H1, H2, H3 Tags:

In the process of content optimization of your webpage it is important to see how effective and how unique is your heading titles of a webpage whether it is h2, h3, or h4 or if any header tags. There are six header tags starts from h1 to h6. H1, h2 and h3 are very important and check if your webpage keyword is included or not if not include your keyword in header tags which brings you content quality keyword and search engine loves to see keywords included in titles and header tags. Browser title which is page title when users hovers the mouse on a webpage browser title appears. Browser title plays a key role in content optimization.


In SeO Quality and content is the king:

While doing content optimization it is important to check the quality of a page. In SEO the basic and principle of SEO is content is king. Well you can keep that in another way for better understanding “Quality is the King”.

Any one can write a webpage but writing a webpage with unique content and quality content is very important. While content optimization check with quality of the Webpage. You provide more quality webpage you rank better.

Quality of a content should be more that 500words but a webpage should have more than 300 words on a webpage and upto 2000 words you can write a webpage with quality content.

Webpage Loading time:

When you are doing a Content optimization a webpage loading time also considered, if your webpage is loading very slow google doesn’t like the slow loading webpage and it only serves webpage which load faster than 3 sec. If your have a good high quality content and your webpage loads slow then google backs your webpage. Perform a check in google developers page loading tool and google will tell you whats making your page load slower and optimize according to it.

Image Loading and image title url and alt title:

If you have a image on your webpage make sure that you have a valid seo friendly url if the image url is named with numbers like 00009.jpg change it to the title of the image url and check with the image size and also image having its alt attribute to be provided. There are many tools which can give you about the images which are not having title tags.

Content optimization by checking internal and external links:

Internal links also plays a vital role in content optimization as we make user to stay on a webpage by providing user anchor link making user feel free not doing any search on website again if he is looking for futhur more information of article if he is reading on your website. Links building and link juice helps in many ways. Internal links is a key factor to increase your website traffic.


Webpage Mobile friendly:

While performing a content optimization of a webpage make sure your website is mobile friendly as Google loves if your webpage is mobile friendly. You can perform a webpage mobile friendly test by Google mobile friendly test. It rates with the percentage and it also tells you the ways to optimize.


Make sure you follow all these steps when you are doing content optimization or reviewing your webpage why it lost traffic or getting less traffic. I am sure you will find your answer by doing this checklist. I will add more check list as the days go Google will update the algorithms and new things hit the internet to make changes with better and quality of content.