what are seo meta tags an importance of meta tags in seo

What are SEO Meta Tags and Importance of Meta Tags

What are SEO Meta Tags, Importnace of seo meta tags, meta tag keywords, descriptions, Title tag

Meta tags in SEO are very important in SEO and the placement of Meta tags on a webpage plays a crucial role in ranking a webpage in Google search results and Bing results followed by any other search results. Search engines crawls a webpage by using bots Aka Spiders or robots will index the webpage by crawling and by the placing the meta tags and meta keywords will help search engine to crawl easily and helps bots or spiders to crawl easily and rank webpage accordingly by placing correct keywords in meta tags SEO that is why meta tags in SEO are considered very important and every SEO does place the keywords in right place and ranks good by providing high quality and unique content will rank better in Search results by proving the meta data by proving meta tags and meta tags in SEO are also measured as hidden text on a webpage.

Meta Tags are also considered as the snippets of the text field which describes the page content and importance and meta tags don’t appear in search results as meta tags will be picked by Google bots and by crawling it picks using the meta tag and displays them as for example:

If we keep title meta tag Google Bot picks up the title meta tag and displays them in the search results as title of your webpage in organic search results and they will can be seen in a webpage source code only and people browsing your webpage will not be able to see the meta tags.

what are seo meta tags in seo
what are seo meta tags in seo

Where to Place Meta Tags in SEO:

Now we know how important are SEO Meta tags and what role they play in seo by placing them in right position providing Meta keyword. Meta tags should be placed in portion of a webpage with in the html meta tags above the closing head section, which are represented by the html tags of every webpage and there are many types of Meta tags which play many important roles and adding meta tags on your webpage will impact seo by adding meta magically.

You can place meta tags by placing tag following by the attribution of that meta tag for example if the meta tag is for title then meta tag will be; your website title here and this meta tag will be picked by Google and display the title in Google search results.

Meta HTML Title Tag Example:

Now let’s see the example of Meta title tag example in SEO and how to place it on your webpage, here we are adding a meta title for a webpage or article and it covers the title section and meta tag title are designed to help and provide the title of a webpage title and will be seen in source code as this : Your webpage Article and this is the most important meta tag which provides information about your webpage.

List of Seo Meta Tags:

Here are the basic list of seo meta tags which will be used in improving search engine results:

list of seo meta tags in seo
list of seo meta tags in seo

SEO meta tags Generators:

Everyone knows the importance of meta tags in seo and lot of people use them correctly leaving behind other WebPages by placing the right meta tags at correct place on a webpage and it is very difficult for a SEO to find what description of meta tag and title of meta tag and meta tag keywords what to put in those meta tags and description meta tags, so for making at ease for seo’s there are many tools which provide them easily by SEO meta tag generators and by using this seo meta tags generators will not only save your time and give different and unique keywords and description for meta tags.

What are Meta Tag Keywords?

Meta tag keywords are elements of html which helps to understand and read your webpage easily and understand the importance and every meta tag has their own priority of the meta tag name which has a specific function of meta tags used provides search spiders and web browsers information about the content of a webpage and also the structure of a webpage and few of the meta tags can be minor and ignored but useful for part of successful on-page search engine optimization.

Meta Keywords Google:

It is a well know fact that Google uses Meta keywords to rank a webpage but it is also said that meta tags are no longer taken in to consideration as the Google Bot is capable of and to understand the importance of a webpage without placing them also. The ranking signal is less based on meta keywords and meta tags now a days but it will play a crucial role as well but we should not abuse with keyword description and keyword stuffing by putting in plenty of keywords in meta tags and Google will hit you hard if you over optimize your webpage with meta keyword stuffing and all it may lead you to website penalty as well.

What is Metadata SEO:

Metadata is what appears on a search engine results page SERP when a website comes up with website queries or when a user perform a query and get results in search results and it includes the title of the page and description of the page and meta data are snippets if we see from the web context of blog and how Google will be seeing and recognizing meta tags. The meta data which displays in goggle search results will be different sometimes what you keep on your website in meta title and meta description and Google holds the right to change the title and meta decryption based on the users query and display results as per the based query and pulls up the data and related webpage based on Google algorithm and displaying title and description is algorithmic now in Google search results.

Meta Tag Description :

Meta tag Description is most important Meta tag in SEO as this decides what a user sees in the part of description which will be appearing in Google search. IF Meta tag description holds the data of your webpage content describing the webpage part description and for specific webpage and a helpful webpage will often lead and return to a click and increase the CTR which is Click through Rate in terms of search engine optimization making more visits to your website and good meta descriptions will bring you more conversion rates as well.

For every query the description displayed in Google search will not be the same it varies from search query based up on the user and Google changes this meta tag part of description and sometimes displays what’s more relevant to the query provided by user and encourages better clicks in Google organic search results.

What are Meta Elements in HTML:

Meta elements are the parts of html document which are used in html markup which helps in using meta tags in seo and providing meta tags to search engine to identify by bots and display results based on user query and the browsers identify the elements with different attributes provided by meta tags.

Writing Meta Description :

As we know meta tags are very important and meta description plays a vital role in search engine ranking and this meta tag description will be displayed more dynamically and algorithmically by Google. To write better meta description the webpage meta description should be more specific and relevant including and focusing on the keywords of the article in meta description should be flawless and easy to understand by user and unique and they are few line of text will be appearing in Google search.

Meta description will be playing a vital role in Google picking up your article or content and display in Google search results. Users will be reading the Meta description and Meta title and then decides to enter your website to know more about your website article. Meta description tag makes lot of difference ranking in Google search results and adding meta description is simple by putting the important part providing as the description and what your article or content is briefing a summary or conclusion or more detail info.

Meta Description can be head section and it will be seen on website and should be declared like this in below inside head tag and above closing head tag.

SEO Meta Keywords Lengths:

Meta keywords are restricted for this meta tag meta keywords in seo as putting in many keywords in seo meta tag keywords will be some times considered as keyword abusing in SEO and Google hits you hard and even gives you a penalty for this meta tag keyword seriously. Put in [keep] important keywords in meta tag keywords but don’t over optimize meta keywords.

Meta Title length in SEO: 60 characters:

Meta title length is consider to be well written and unique in 60 characters only and if you meta title exceeds 60 characters then it will be cut off and will not be shown in Google search results so Google recommends to keep your meta title in 60 characters length only.

Meta Description Length: 160 Characters:

Meta description length is 160 Characters in meta tag description.

Using Meta tags and keywords is very important and using them in right way will be improving your website ranking in search results and helps search engines.