SEO For Beginners and Why SEO Is Cost Effective

SEO For Beginners and Why SEO Is Cost Effective

Why SEO is cost effective:

Why SEO is cost effective ways to drive visitors to your website and below are the three reasons why it is so cost effective and why.

1. Targeted Visitors have specific problems they want to solve.

If visitors types something with specific problems and type “best wireless mouse” to google search and buy something or learn something with their problem then google will display a set of result based on visitors query and display the best results for the visitors with a solution based on the keyword.

Google will pick you up the words which you have typed and serves you with best results.

Google also auto suggests you when you search something with the other keywords attached to your query, that means they have best results or they have unique results which you are typing that are searched most on the google search and most of the people found it helpful.


2.Inbound in Nature and it is automated:


Inbound in Nature and its automated, Customer coming to your website not you going to them.
if you continuously posting content on social media and other it is like you going to visitor it is like you go then they come and it is not like they come or not. It is traveling your content form different social medial aspects, which plays an important role with increase in website traffic. You have to daily engage in Facebook and other social media to make it active and get shares and likes and it is not that visitors who like and share will come to your website not guaranteed.

3. Automated: Search engines send visitors 24/7 365 days

If you can get to the top of these search results in google you can stay there for months years and you can have visitors 24hrs 365days visiting your websites with no additional work like sending from emailing campaign, email Marketing, social media marketing and etc. This is the reason why it is so cost effectively
and this is not automated.