importance of h1 and h2 tags in seo and how to use h2 and h2 tags

Importance of H1 and H2 Tags and How to Use in SEO

When you are writing an article or a webpage it’s very important to use header tags like h1 and h2 tags and its extremely much importance of h1 and h2 tags in html markup to arrange entire article with proper h1 and h2 tags for search engine ranking and using keywords in h1 and h2 tags and we can use and exploit keywords in h1 and h2 tags to rank better and healthier in search results and make Google understand the importance of your article by arranging them in proper order of h1 and h2 tags they are also called as heading tags.

H1 and h2 tags Importance in SEO Ranking:

H1 and H2 tags are very important part of article to organize your webpage importance heading tags for improving while doing ON-PAGE Optimization and to improve user experience as well.

What are H1 and H2 Tags:

H1 tags are often and used to define html heading tags and defines most important part of your headings and H1 is the most important tag acts as the main title of the page which is used in h1.

H2 tag also defines the heading the followed by h1 tag as the sub heading tag in html and plays a role of importance of your webpage content as sub heading.

H1 and H2 tags are the header tags of html which can be organized pretty well by doing a keyword research putting your keywords in h1 and h2 tags ranks better in search engine rankings.

How to use H1 and H2 tags in Article:

The title of the content will be standing as the main heading tag and stands as H1 tag as the title explains about the article stands as main heading h1 tag and rest of the content on the page and this is known as the heading and the top of the page should be an h1 tag to encapsulate and sumup and summarize the title of the content of your page. The title of the content and the page title are totally different and don’t get confused, simply to say title of the page is the page title and the other is the browser page title which appears as the browser page title at the top when you hover your mouse on a browser and in some cases these two h1’s can be different.

H1 tag is the most important header tag on a page although they do go to from h2, h3 and so on. We use heading tags to show the search engine what is the important for them to associate with and recognize on the page and we use the numbers to tell them what to notice first which would be the H1 then on to the h2 and so on.



We use only a single h1 tag per page so it is clear what is most important on the page and if you want the H1 tag to contain specific keyword for an article or your content to targeting keywords in h1 tag for that page include them in h1 tag that is very important to rank better in search engine.

If you are including your specific keyword targeting in h1 and h2 tags as well then its ok but don’t ever do over optimize your h1 and h2 and your content over optimized with your keywords this can be negative impact sometimes consider while on-page or off-page optimization.

To find your keywords use keyword research to find those terms that would be of your interest to our visitor and use those keywords to be utilized within the h1 as well and it’s important to be consistent between the page title and the h1 title tag with the keyword set and the language.

Why H1 and H2 Tags are Important:

importance of h1 and h2 tags in seo
importance of h1 and h2 tags in seo

Lets see why h1 tags are important in improving on page optimization as it gives user a good expericene and good understanding on what is the article is all about and in turn helps search engines understand better about your article by providing proper h1 tag followed by your article with other header tags like h2 and h3 and if article needs a list use list item to help them understand better and search engines as well. H1 tags also helps in reduce bounce rates as well as it helps users to find what they are looking for in article by having h1 tag.

Can h1 tag Improve your SEO

Yes its absolutely true that your h1 tag improves your SEO and rank better as user and search engines know what is your article is all about for written should cover everything and tells what is all your web page content is all about.

Check h1 and h2 tags of website Article:

If you want to check h1 and h2 tags of your website and press CTRL+U or right click on the webpage and click on view source code and new window will pop up with source code of the website and there a raw website html code and to find press CTRL+F or right click and edit and find H1 and you will see the result of h1 and h2 tags.