How to fix 404 Error In Search Console

How to fix 404 Error In Search Console

How to fix 404 Error In Search Console :

There are many ways you can fix 404 error page or you can even leave 404 error in search console or add a 301 redirect to a 404 page. When you get a 404 error.

What does 404 error in Search Console Means?

When Google says it’s a 404 error means the URL or page doesn’t not exist or the article have been deleted from your website and hence its saying the page is not existing anymore, hence it’s a 404 error page which is submitted previously to Google bot via sitemap or any links shared in social media or any.

When Google Says 404 Error Not Found :

404 occurs when a user agent or Google bot or user tried to access the page but the page Google is looking to provide is not available on the website and returns a header request of 404 error then it throws an error in search console and in search console 404 error increases in crawl errors report.

How to Check 404 Errors in Search Console :

If Google bot is saying increase in 404 errors and still it says it doesn’t affect your website traffic, there are things to be considered here and in Google search console we can check them under crawl errors report.

Crawl error reports gives you entire idea on how a 404 error is found by providing useful info in crawl errors -> Linked from section in Search console which says how Google bot discovered a 404 error page and from where 404 error is found.

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How To fix a 404 error page in Search console :

There are simple ways to fix a 404 error page because it directly says that it’s a 404 error page in search console below are few of them.

1. Add a 301 redirect to a 404 page

2. Leave it like that and mark as fixed

Add a 301 redirect to a 404 Page :

To add a 301 redirect to a 404 page you need to add a redirect via htaccess file.

Mark it is Fixed Error 404 Page :

If you don’t want to redirect the 404 error and the error reporting in search console is perfect then you no need t worry just click mark as fixed by selecting the 404 error list page and simply mark as fixed as 404’s doesn’t affect website traffic it will.

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