How to Install download and Use Jio Meet App Video Calling Conference App on Android

How to Install download and Use Jio Meet App Video Calling Conference App on Android

If you are already using zoom app, Microsoft app, skype video calling app or any other app then it’s a must go try and install Jio meet app video calling app on android, Now Jio have launched Jio Meet app for video calling in June and allows up to 100 participants in single video call and use for video conference and all office needs application as well as people using video call with family as well. So lets see in detail how to install Jio meet app video calling app on android.

Download and Install Jio Meet App Video Calling Conference App on Android:

Go to Play store and type Jio Meet and install Jio meet from there or else if you are already existing user of Jio, you can go ahead and open MyJio app and in there you will see Jio meet app from there as well you can install jio meet app easily on your android mobile.

How to use Jio Meet App video calling conference app on Android:

Step 1: Once you have successfully installed Jio meet app on your android mobile.

Step 2: Now Sign in  or sign up for Jio meet app

Step 3: Sign in or Sign up to your Jio meet app by entering your mobile number

Step 4: If you don’t have an account then you need to create sign up and follow on screen instruction and provide necessary details to sign up for jio meet app video calling conference

How to sign up for Jio Meet App?

Step 1: Open Jio meet app and Click on Sign up


Step 2: Enter your Email or Mobile number

Step 3: Enter your first name

Step 4: Enter your last name

Step 5: Click check box and Agree to terms and conditions and click next options on top

Step 6: Now you will receive an OTP confirmation for your registered mobile number provided to Jio meet app.

Step 7: Enter 6 digits OTP which is a one time password and click next on top bar

Step 8:  Now Jio meet app will ask you allow permissions to access contacts and etc, just click on Allow permissions.


Note: If you deny permissions on Jio meet app video calling app, Jio meet app will still work but cant say when it will stop responding application, as jio meet is a video calling conference apps, allowing permission is required.


That’s it now you have successfully installed and sign up for Jio meet app video calling app on android mobile and now you can use Jio meet app and you can join, start meeting, schedule, Share screen and also you can start chatting and find people as well who are already using jio meet app from your contact list.

Sing up for Jio meet app video calling app made easy?

Yes sing up for users have made pretty simple and easy without asking unnecessary details, Jio meet app asks for only email or phone number and First name and Last name, that’s it.

How to Download Jio Meet App video conference app for windows desktop, MacBook, IOS, Web, Android.

You can also download Jio meet app on windows ,MacOS, IOS, Android easily by below links:

For MacOS users you can download jio meet app

For windows users you can download by using jio meet app installer

For Android User you can download jio meet app

For IOS users you can download

For web login from website

For out look plugin also you can download by a plugin provided on Jio meet app website.

What is Jio Meet APP?

A Smarter way to Collaborate Anywhere, Any Device, Anytime. Jio meet is the best and free team collaborating      and video call app which offers features like Start a meeting and Invite others to Join conference, Schedule a meeting, Share screen and all WebRTC support and more.

How to download Jio meet App on Android Mobile?

On Mobile Device – Go to Play Store/AppStore, search for JioMeet application and download it.s

Is Jio Meet App Secure?

Yes ! As claimed by reliance and jio makers, jio meet app is India’s own and most secured video conferencing app

How to sign up for Jio meet app?

Pretty simple, you need to provide jio number or email and your first name and last name to sign up for jio meet aap.

Does Jio Meet App has Good Video Quality?

Yes Jio meet app provide good HD video quality.