Google More Results Started Displaying in Mobile Device Instead of Pagination

Google More Results Started Displaying in Mobile Device Instead of Pagination

Google More Results Started Displaying in Mobile Device Instead of Pagination:

After few days of new search console released by Google with the migration of old search console to new search console with extended features and after the core updates of Google followed by Google mobile indexing rollout for all websites across the world here comes with the major update from Google. Google few days back tested with more results auto scrolling on mobile device and with the percentage of visitors visiting Google is almost 60-80 percent and Google plans to improvising the Google search results from mobile version and Google more results update is completely new and it removes even the pagination from mobile search.

When you search Google from any mobile device you will be seeing on bottom instead of pagination prev and next is replaced with more results auto scrolling section and this time with major updates followed by the core algorithms changes and mobile indexing this time Google more results started rolled out and releases more results in Google search and confirms it.

What Happens with Google More Results?

google more results
google more results

With Google more its pretty obvious that user interface of Google will be loved by any user with Google more results as it is just press and auto load pages from Google organic search results and its being said that in Google more results organic results ads will also be loaded with that.


The main advantage to be expected to be seen is previously the top 10 pages will be taken in to consideration and with the auto scroll the pages which are coming on 2 page will be loaded ith auto scroll and there will be a few advantage for 2 nd page results as well can be seen a bit of increase in organic traffic and this is only with the mobile search results.

What happens to AMP pages with Google More Results?

Website owners and publishers who have implemented AMP pages which is a project will be having a ranking boost but they will be treated differently from mobile indexing as AMP pages loads fast in Google search results as AMP pages contains simple html to load will be having a ranking boost but will be considered differently with Mobile indexing.

AMP pages will be seen in same position of search results as they previously used to appear in the organic search results.