Goolge Algorithm Update

Google Algorithm Update Not Yet Confirmed

Google not yet confirmed with the update

Every time when updates rolls in google algorithm we see a huge change in search results

As it was labour day when the update roll out that is very hard for google to say what update it is.

Few people say it was a labour day that is why seeing change in traffic

But Google says in search console in graph indicating that there is an update rolling out

Update shows as Ongoing Update till now

Since friday there is a lot of change in the search results of google, even in some search ranking tools moz and algoroo and few ther is a lot of change seen. Mozcast has shown a lot of hign temperature of weather as it was previously showing from the last 30 days. It has been shown as 108, which is very hight compared from previous weather.

And in the webmasters forum also there is a huge buzz around regarding this change in the search but it is yet to confirmed

In Search Console till today there is no data shown in from friday that is from september, from september google search console is not showing any data in search analytics.

And in search console, search analytics have been updated as there is an update going on showing in graph.

But what that update is not yet known and it shows as the update is ongoing update

Google is not yet confirmed what the update is but definetly it seems like there is core change in google search console algorithm

The change in the search results has seen in many countries

Some websites are getting high rank in search results and tlds and wordpress sites are thrown up in search reslts.

There is also a keyword refresshing also in few countries

More ofiicially Google is yet to confirm what that update is really