About Me

Ramana is a Passionate about coding and discover new things with his coding skills and his passion lead him to achieve numerous goals in his life which lead him to achieve more success in his life, apart from his professional career. He started his career as a web designer and from there with his passion in his mind and courage he moved on to XML schema development and his passionate journey of coding ethics and implementations started from here and he just started moving on achieve his goals one by one. He started coding html as a web developer both static websites, Single Page Applications and Dynamic websites. He was enthusiastic in learning more so he started learning more programming languages like PHP server side programming languages and built websites in PHP as well.

Certificates and Awards with Google:

He is also certified with Google and achieved certification for below:

Helps in Google Search Help Forum Community:

He also helps and shares his knowledge & helps people to solve their website problems including giving advice with Mobile First Indexing(MFI) issues for website owners suffering from website penalties like link building, hacked, spammy content, Keyword Stuffing, duplicate content and scheme mark-up issues along with website common errors.

As a Web Developer:

After Learning PHP programming languages and building websites he knows that there is a lot to learn in building websites and he started learning Content Management Systems as well. He started learning Drupal CMS, Joomla CMS and WordPress CMS and became as expertise in Content Management Systems.

User Friendly Websites:

He started developing websites in these three CMS and he revamped lot of web Applications his career with his coding knowledge:

1. PHP programming language

2. HTML5

3. JavaScript

4. JQuery

5. Bootstrap 4

6. AngularJs etc

He designed and developed user friendly websites that ensures high traffic page views and subsequently customer purchases eCommerce websites and web applications and also designs custom REST APIs in PHP


Fixing Bugs:

He also fixes bugs from existing websites and implements fixes and enhancements that expressively improved web functionality and speed which drives more traffic to websites.

Revamping Websites and Hacker threats:

He also revamped web application security issues minimizing hackers attack and checks for malware.

Server Side Enhancements:

Server side enhancements and functionality with database clean-ups and performance improvement’s that minimize downtown of websites.

As a Android Developer:

After learning web application programming languages he is very excited and passionate to build Mobile application. He started learning Java and started building Native Android Applications. He started getting his hands in mobile developments and successfully build Android application on his own from scratch to expert level. Now he is building applications in Android latest versions.

Google Search Geek:

Apart from all this he is also a ardent search geek of Google and he also learnt few tools for estimating traffic of website by using Google Search Console, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manger and Google Data Studio.

Our Mission:

A Savvy Web mission is only to provide content with high quality about web with a practical knowledge in all section which we cover included in our website which is true and wants to aware the audience all over the world globally by our content published in our website is educational purpose only.

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What we do:

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What we offer:

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